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04-23-2011, 12:50 PM

I that when I bring up my character my hit % is a 9.47% No clue why it is showing 8%. Well I am a prot tank that was Arms but switching to Fury to give the other tanks some tanking. I am curious as to know if I am on the right path on my gear reforging/gems/etc.

Total Noob on the dps side of the character. Also is there somewhere where I can get some screenshots or a listing of which way to fill my hotbars to geat atleast somewhere in the ballpark of maximizing my DPS potential.

Thanks as always.

04-23-2011, 09:25 PM
Your armory shows 8.25% hit, which means in game, unless they've changed it, you should have 11.25% (armory wasn't shows in the Fury tree's 3% hit from Precision previously, and to best of my knowledge still does not).

In a nutshell - Read TheGreatMe's guide, it's one of the top 2 stickied threads at the top of the Damage forum.


SMF > TG (Dual-1Handers over Dual 2handers). SMF has a higher damage ceiling and since is a higher hit build, is more forgiving. And in patch 4.1 (Tuesday?) it will become even better compared to TG since the reduction in base mastery doesn't impact it as severely.

Now, on to some basics:

* Red = Str
* Blue = STR unless the bonus is 20 str or more, then it's Str/Hit
* Yellow = Str unless the bonus is 10 str or more or 20 crit or more, then it's Str/Crit. <--- this is loose, some prefer pure str unless it's a 20 str bonus, others are okay with 10 str or 20 crit.
* Prismatic = STR (Belt, JC slots)
*Meta = STR / 3% crit damage

If gear doesn't have crit on it, reforge to crit.

If gear has crit, reforge to expertise or hit if you don't have enough passively.

After all gear has crit and you're at hit/exp targets... In 4.0.6, reforge haste or excess hit into mastery. Post 4.1, reforge haste or mastery into hit.

TG hit target is 8%, from what I understand, SMF in normal modes is 12% hit as the target, if 4.1, this will be higher because hit will be the second stat behind crit, once you have enough mastery.


Now, that's general gearing... since you'll be hitting raid ready after 4.1:

1. Never use stam gems of any type as DPS. In general, follow the gemming guideline above.
2. Str enchants > Crit enchants
3. 1 2Hander and 1 1Hander = not good. Grab one or the other, ideally, 2 1Handers.
4. No gear should have dodge or parry one it.
5. Your talent tree is not good for PvE Fury - I'm pretty sure the cookie cutter tree is identified in TGM's post. If you go SMF, which hopefully gear will allow you, put 3/3 in Incite and 2/3 in Deep Wounds.


Other tips (read TGM's post, did I mention that XD he's a lot better than I am explaining this, not to mention just better).

1. Stack Cooldowns, this means, use as many of the following together as you can since the bonuses will work together to provide bigger bonuses than alone - and try to have full rage if possible:
A) Golem's Blood Potion
B) On-use trinkets
C) If you're really good, proc abiltiies (Landslide, proc-based trinkets)
D) Deathwish
E) Recklessness
F) Colossus Smash

2. TGM goes over the best rotation, so I'll leave it at that.

3. You'll need a UI that works for you, but positioning Bloodthirst, Heroic strike, raging blows, execute, slam, colossus smash, and your CDs in easily acceassible spots in it will be ideal. Also your shouts and beserker rage.


I'm not sure going into any more detail than this right now will be productive since you'll be changing a lot up once you read TGM's thread and adjust your gear. There's just enough info here to get you started, and then when new specific questions come up, you'll be good to go. :-)

For UI's, you might check the UI thread for DPS warrior UI's.

04-25-2011, 04:13 AM
Thanks for the great reading and knowledge. for the skills i.e. actionbar icons is there a certain setup that you recommend. I will be reading the above post that you suggested. Thanks again for the help and guidance.

04-25-2011, 10:39 AM
for the skills i.e. actionbar icons is there a certain setup that you recommend.

Whatever works best for you? Bloodthirst should be the easiest to reach key, then, probably, in decendeing order: Raging Blows -> Heroic Strike -> Slam -> Colossus Smash -> others. That's rough, based on how often I hit the keys... But ultimately, you'll see the priority when you read the guide and then need to come up with something that feels natural to you.