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04-23-2011, 10:15 AM
About the raid: Girl Problems (http://girlproblems.guildlaunch.com) is a 25 man hardcore progression raid. We're currently the #1 25 man on the server and have no plans of turning back. We're looking to pick up a few key people for heroic content. We run three nights a week and are looking for players who can make all three nights. We expect dedication. We expect loyalty. We expect dinner on the table by 5pm. We're looking for not only great players, but great people whom we can rely on.

WoWProgress info (http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/dark-iron/Knights+of+Arcadia/rating.tier11_25)

We currently raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Invites start at 5:15pm server, and the raid goes no later than 9:30pm server. (8:30pm EST - 12:30am EST)

We run loot council and it works great. Gear is handed out based on performance, attendance, preparedness, and overall attitude.

All applicants are on a 2 week trial period from the first night you raid. During this time, you will not be allowed to receive loot unless everyone else passes on main spec or an important off spec (i.e. flex tank/healer). Those are the rules the other people in the raid lived with when they trialed, those are the rules you live with.

Currently in search of:

Paladin - Holy High
Rogue High
Shaman - Enhance High
Shaman - Ele High
Warlock High
Warrior - DPS High
Hunter Medium
Priest - Heal Medium
All Other Classes Low

Always looking for outstanding players of every class and spec.

About the guild: Knights of Arcadia is one of the largest and most successful guilds on Dark Iron. As part of the Penny Arcade Alliance, our focus stretches across every aspect of the World of Warcraft. We have players from every walk of life, and every play style. Our main rule is pretty simple: Don't be a jerk. If you have to wonder what that would imply, you might want to do some soul searching and have a cup of tea.

Let's start out with some raiding do's and do not's while spending time with the fine fellows and ladies in Knights of Arcadia.


Do show up on time on the specific day you'll be raiding for your trial. You get one shot, don't be dumb. Invites go out 15 minutes before the posted start time on the calendar. This leads nicely into...

Do be ready to raid when the raid starts. Are you prepared to raid? Are you fully repaired? Do you have all of your consumables? Did you go to the bathroom? Walk your dog? Feed your baby? Eat your dinner? Eat your baby's dinner? WALK YOUR DOG? Do all the stuff you may need to do during the raid, before the raid. We all have instances when we have to go afk. It happens, we understand. However, it would behoove you to avoid that at all costs if you're trying to make an impression. Whatshisface may go afk to answer the phone or walk the milk or drink his dog or whatever, that's ok. Whatshisface has been here a while, you have not. Try to be pro from the first minute of the raid.

Do read up on anything you do not understand. If you're coming in to raid, know what you're doing. It's one thing to know your class and spec and do awesome dps or healing. That's great and you wouldn't be here if you couldn't do that. However it's very important to know the fights inside and out. Does the boss spit werewolf volcanoes out of his mouth? Where should you be standing when that happens? Read the strats, know the strats, do the strats. If you have a problem, ASK SOMEONE. Raid captains and your fellow raiders are here for help. You applied to the raid, don't be afraid to be a part of it.

Do pay attention. I know this seems kind of basic and almost stupid to say it, but you have got to pay attention while the raid is happening. If I call out a dps target order, and you're clipping your nails or masturbating to the phone book, you're going to seem like a real moron when you ask "What's the dps target?" Put down the phone book, listen, perform.

Do communicate. Are you innervating someone? Casting heroism? Needing a battle rez? Dead? TALK. We're not just on vent for the purpose of having 3 or 4 people talk. If you have something to say, and it's important to the rest of us, say it! With that in mind make sure to read the next one carefully.


Do not talk all night. I bet that Battlestar Galactica flavored Mountain Dew™ IS AWESOME. I BET YOU'RE RIGHT! However, I don't care to hear about or discuss how unbelievably delicious it is or is not while the main tank is being smashed by a demon monster and the melee are mind controlled and stabbing each other in the face. I have something to do, and so do you. Save the jibber-jabber for breaks, tells, or maybe, when we're not raiding.

Do not complain about loot. Look, I know you want loot. I understand that. We all pay to play a game where we dress up our paper dolls in the coolest gear and show off to each other. We're all in the same boat. We all want loot. Just because that bow is amazing and shoots cans of Battlestar Galactica Mountain Dew™ at monsters and it's best in slot and it would look so cool on you and all your friends would be so jealous of you and blah blah blah... The other people in the raid want it for the exact same reason. Be understanding that we're not here to be your personal weekly treasure chest. Our loot rules are fair and you will have your shot. If you have an issue or problem, do not throw a fit. Send me a tell and we'll talk it out calmly. There is always a reason behind loot decisions.

Do not waste our time. Here's a little story for you. The tanks pull and you have an ability that will make all the monsters turn and kill the healers. Wouldn't that be hilarious? So you pop that ability and all the healers die and the raid wipes and you think it's hilarious and the rest of the raid is upset with you. You just wasted 5-10 minutes of progress. You screwed up on purpose because you thought it would be funny. Guess what? You're done. If you're a main raider and you do this, you're done for the night. If you're an applicant? Don't come back. End of story.

Do not attempt to wear the daddy pants, they won't fit. I'm sure you saw some video of a Chinese guild doing Yogg with no keepers and they all used baby spice to fool Yogg and climbed in his mouth and stole the loot before he could catch on and the whole raid got Mimiron heads and everyone had a dance party in Dalaran where Algalon showed up and made it rain gold and everyone was rich. Honestly, shut up. There is a right way to do this. Send the raid leader a whisper and suggest it. Do not get on vent and try to lead the raid. We have raid captains and a raid leader for this. It is not your raid to lead. All ideas and suggestions are listened to and taken seriously. It does no good to try and argue your point over vent or in raid chat because you think you're right and everyone else is wrong. Trust in the other 24 people in the raid to know what to do. You last raid may have done this a certain way and it may have been so easy and yadda yadda. That's cool. We're not your last raid.

Applicants must make a commitment. If you are in the raid, you’re not going anywhere. You’re not pregnant with triplets. You don’t have to walk your dog every 10 minutes because he'll pee all over himself every time he sees the color black and he's a black Labrador. You're not going to be shipped off to Laos to patrol the jungle with an 8 year old guide. You're not entering the 11th Annual Forest Gump Run Across the Country-a-thon for crippled sea lions. You're not going to get bored and walk away. You're not going to get frustrated like a child and ragequit. You're not going to raid jump to your stupid co-worker's dogvomit guild so you can wipe on content we did months ago. You are NOT going to get bored and walk away.

Simple stuff. You're here for the long haul. You're at your computer and ready to play. Your ice cold can of Battlestar Galactica Mountain Dew™ is like, right there. Your raid snack bar is fully stocked with sugary crap to keep you pumped. You pooped 3 times before you logged on. Your mom/kids/wife/husband/dog/robot butler/grandma/optimus prime action figure is asleep/dead/dying/at work/at school/out on the town/watching tv/walking the stupid dog/not important and you won’t be interrupted.

Applicants must have a working computer. Is your computer working properly? Can you run through a crowded Stormwind without your framerate dropping down to the equivalent of someone showing you pictures of Stormwind? If you have a crap computer does it ruin your dps/healing/tanking? Your computer should be working properly, should not hinder you in any way, and should have a stable internet connection. We all get disconnected sometimes. It happens. If you get disconnected 8 times during the same boss fight, you’re not what we need.

Also under this heading, ventrillo and a microphone that does not sound like a flaming train crashing into a nursing home. If you just listen and talk in raid chat, that can be excused sometimes. However, it is to all of the raid’s benefit if we can hear your lovely voice expressing emotion.

Applicants must have humility. I never claim to know everything about this game. If someone is like “Hey broseph, you should gem with these purple mofos instead of those green ones,” I look into it. I think it over. And make my decision based on what's best for me. I know that I can be wrong. You should too. Don't have a crybaby-fit when someone is trying to help you.

Sound good? Come kill monsters with us. You can go to the Girl Problems (http://girlproblems.guildlaunch.com) website, pm me here, send me a whisper or mail in game, or put a note in a bottle and just hope I see it.

Seriously, go walk your stupid dog.