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04-22-2011, 11:03 PM
www.ticklefightguild.com (http://www.ticklefightguild.com)

Realm: Destromath
Battlegroup: Rampage
Pacific server time, Chicago server cluster

Raiding Schedule
Monday-Thursday 10pm-1am Pacific Time

Required Attendance
We understand that emergencies can occur and real life happens but if you cannot regularly make our 4 day a week raid schedule please do not apply. Missing a raid day every week or every other week is unacceptable.

Current Heroic Progression

Blackwing Descent
Magmaw - Dead
Omnotron Defense System - Dead
Maloriak - Dead
Atramedes - Dead
Chimaeron - Dead
Nefarian - Alive

The Bastion of Twilight
Halfus Wyrmbreaker - Dead
Valiona and Theralion - Dead
Ascendant Council - Alive
Cho'gall - Alive

Throne of the Four Winds
Conclave of Wind - Dead
Al'Akir - Alive


<TICKLEFIGHT> is a late-night raiding guild on the US Destromath server. We raid four nights a week, Monday - Thursday, 10pm - 1am server time.

Loot distribution is determined by loot council that is as fair as it gets. People who do well get rewarded and loot is distributed evenly per night amongst those players.

We are currently in search of people who have a TRUE desire to play this game at a HIGH level (knowing the fights, knowing your class inside and out, bringing your best when it's time to raid and having a team mindset). Our raid leader expects stuff to GET DONE - which means bring your A game when it's time to raid. As you can see we only raid for 12 hours a week and for 3 hours each day. This means we don't have time to spend during raids to hold your hands and cater to general retardation. So, please, only apply if you feel as if you have what it truly takes to succeed.


Paladins (holy only)
Priests (holy and disc)
Druids (resto only)
Shaman (all specs)
Warlocks (know all specs)
Mages (arcane sucks)

ALL exceptional players are encouraged to apply.

We are looking for the best of the best of late night raiders - if you consider yourself a top tier player (and TRULY are) we want to talk to you.

Know your class like the back of your hand and please have excellent situational/raid awareness. We are looking for people that CAN play and WANT to play. Not people who THINK they can play and WANT to get carried.

What we expect from you

Be online and ready to raid at 9:45pm EVERY scheduled raid day. This means 100% raid attendance - if you cannot regularly make our 4 day raiding schedule, please do not apply.

Know every boss encounter and every aspect of that encounter! Every boss has a heroic mode, and we are not content facerolling normal modes. You are expected to know every change that happens from normal mode to heroic mode, and how your class interacts with all mechanics and abilities in place in these boss encounters.

We like to have fun but when it's time to raid, it's time to raid - particularly during progression content. Please remain focused with the task at hand during the 3 hours a night when we are raiding.

Keep your character up to par with the best enchants, gems, and optimal reforging for your class. Enchants and gems will generally be supplied by the guild for new loot acquisitions once you make member.

DO NOT raid instances that we are currently downing weekly, with pugs or friends.
This seems like a no brainer but you'd be surprised.

If you think you can handle these small requests and NOT search for candy in shadow crash, then please go to our site (www.ticklefightguild.com (http://www.ticklefightguild.com)) and toss us an application, or log into the server and send any <TICKLEFIGHT> member a tell and they will point you in the right direction.