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04-22-2011, 04:19 PM
<Balance> is a friends and family gaming community focused on progressing together while maintaining an adult environment and balancing real life with this game; we're NOT a "casual raiding guild". Personal accountability is a must-have in each raider within our ranks. We're not a fun sucking guild with "1337 raiders" that expects perfection on every raid boss, but each member is expected to do what it takes to correct their mistakes and not become “that guy” (who can be counted on to screw up). We strive to clear progression content ("hardcore" to some) yet enjoy the company of the guild on off nights by socializing on alts, goofing around, or spending time with our families. We believe that it is possible to experience ALL major endgame raid content without spending a majority of our week doing so. However, that means our raids MUST be focused so we can get the job done in the time we allot per week. It's a constant battle for us to raid hard yet not turn into assholes. Basically we have fun, enjoy the game together, and get things done in 9 hours per week.

Again, while friendship is our TOP priority, we pride ourselves on raiding well as we realize it's a necessity in this game. Therefore, it's important for us to tip toe that fine line between a social guild and one that is dedicated to efficient raiding. This means we don't "carry" people through content. You must take the time to watch videos, know your class, and have the ability to get out of the fire. However, "hard core raiders/1337 raiders" need to know that they’'ll be expecting too much for this guild to be "perfect" on boss kills and/or focus solely on clearing progression content week after week. If you're this type of "serious" raider and clearing progression content is why you enjoy this game, we'll be too social for you. We need folks who know when to be social and when to be serious.

The ideal candidate will be a social, responsible, detailed-oriented raider who understands that it takes time for 25pp to learn an encounter and willing to stick it out without causing more work for officers or antagonizing their fellow raiders.

So what makes <Balance> different from all the other "casual hard-core raiding guilds" out there that have popped up since Wrath of the Lich King?

1. We were formed in Feb 2007, and we have been successful raiding 9 hours a week since then from Karazhan to IceCrown Citadel. We just recently celebrated our 4th anniversary!

- What this means to you is we're not a new guild so you can expect to keep those guild achievement perks! We're the original guild on Bronzebeard who pioneered the notion beginning in TBC that it WAS possible to spend less time raiding but achieve the same results. As you can see, other similar guilds have mirrored their raid/guild approaches to the model we've created through trial and error over the past 4 years. Despite building the guild from scratch and starting SSC/TK 25pp one year after TBC was launched, we managed to clear Karazhan, Gruuls' Lair, Vashj, Kael'Thas, Archimonde, and up to RoS in Black Temple pre 3.0 before WoTLK was announced in September 2008, and in WoTLK we were the 2nd guild to clear LK25, all while raiding 9 hours per week.

2. We have defeated all 25pp encounters from Gruul's to Arthas WITHIN those expansions (Exceptions were Illidan, Kil'Jaedin and Algalon).

- What this means to you is we get things done. We started this guild from scratch in TBC and began raiding SSC in Jan 2008 (almost a year after our formation), because we looked for good people as opposed to just recruiting anyone, thus we missed out on Illidan (made it to RoS) and Sunwell when the next expansion was announced in Sept 2008. Initially WoTLK content was super easy and there were so many new guilds popping up which also made recruitment very difficult. We managed to clear 3D, Yogg, and up to HTwins in ToTGC before the release of ICC. With our nine hour weekly raid schedule it was a challenge to find sufficient learning time for hard modes and unlocking Algalon. We wanted to be able to complete ICC during Wrath so once ICC was released we decided to skip Algalon once we completed Val'anyr.

3. Immediate goal at this time is to push progression with the core raiders we currently have through 10man content with 2 10-man teams. We are recruiting high quality players (those 'needles in the haystack') help us resume our 25pp raids with one unified team, as we always have.
- Though our aim is to remain a 25pp only guild, the sad fact is that with the lockout/loot changes there aren't many incentives to run 25pp raids. Recruitment is harder than ever. On top of that, we have suffered large personnel losses (~10 members have had to step down for various RL reasons in only a month) so we are currently in a rebuilding stage. We have 21-23 "core raiders" so we're looking to bolster our numbers with high quality people that can meet our high standards.

4. Our median age for this guild is from 25 - 35.

- What this means to you is that there are adults leading and playing in this guild and we place a HIGH emphasis on accountability and communication. Most of us have families and jobs so our schedules are quite similar, which means those who have too much time on their hands are rather limited here (they won't feel the guild isn't as active as they prefer). You are treated with respect, and likewise we expect our responsible members to not act the fool in public and to communicate weekly. Any displays/proof of douchebaggery will be handled appropriately despite "skill".

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________

Cataclysm 25pp raid progress (reconvened 4/13/11)

- Magmaw, Omnotron, Maloriak, Atramedes
- Halfus Wyrmbreaker, Valiona and Theralion, Council

Cataclysm 10pp raid progress

Blackwing Descent

- Magmaw
- Omnotron
- Maloriak
- Chimaeron
- Atramedes

Bastion of Twilight

- Halfus Wyrmbreaker
- Valiona and Theralion
- Twilight Ascendancy Council
- Cho'gall

Throne of the Four Winds

- Conclave of the Wind
- Al'akir

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________

Our three raid days are:
Wednesdays/Thursdays 6pm-9pm
Sundays 430pm-730pm.
Invites are 30 minutes prior and all times are PST.
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We are recruiting the following roles for our raider category:

Tanks: Low Need
-We currently have 4 MS tanks (1 bear, 2 paladins, and 1 death knight). We rotate as needed, but there may be a time when we need you to use your DPS OS. Flexibility is key here both in willingness to be rotated and in your role in each fight. This is simply the way some encounters are designed.

Healers: Moderate Need
-We are currently running with 1 disc. priest, 2 holy priests, 2 resto druids, 2 holy pallies (both part-time raiders), and 1 resto shaman. We're looking for some flexible healers to help round out our team of amazing, experienced healers.

Melee DPS: Low Need
-We are currently running with 2 rogues, 1 death knight, 1 ret pally, 1 feral cat, 1 fury warrior (part-time), and 1 enhancement shaman (part-time). This is our most clogged category as some fights require only one tank (the OT uses DPS OS in that case). If you're a melee DPSer and hell-bent on applying, please know you will have trouble getting consistent raid time as we have some very regular attendees who have been in <Balance> a long time. If you think you can give them a run for their money, sell it in your application!

Ranged DPS: High Need
-This is our area of highest need! Now is the perfect time to apply as a ranged DPSer! Should you move past your application and vent interview, you'll be asked to compete immediately against our hot shot ranged raiders. Right now, our roster boasts 2 mages, 1 shadow priest, 1 balance druid, 1 warlock, 1 hunter, and 1 elemental shaman.

Even if your role is listed as "low need" we are happy to consider ALL exceptional applicants. If you fall into this group, please tell us what sets you apart. Wow us!

Real life has hit our raiding core and we have lost ~10 players to school, life changes, VD etc. We are now rebuilding our roster, running two 10-man guild-sponsored raids, and are looking to raid 25s as soon as possible. Now is the perfect time to apply: we are looking to expand from two full time 10pp groups to resume progressing as one team in the 25pp format once again.

If you're looking for a "guaranteed raid spot" in Cataclysm, you should look elsewhere, because we've never guaranteed raid spots in the past 4 years here although we do have a "priority system" in place. __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________

Future preferred raiding applicants:

1. Will be able to raid a MINIMUM of 2 out 3 days per week.
2. Please have substantial raiding experience. We strongly prefer those who have killed Sindragosa or at least have some serious attempts at level 80. We understand some players take expansion lengths of time away from WoW but please know you will not be popping your raiding cherry here so if you've never stepped foot inside a raid, go earn some stripes first.
3. Meet all requirements for our raider category (please review our policy regarding this).
4. Exalted reputation with Therazane. This is important; if you don't have Therazane rep, you won't be considered unless you're a Scribe.
5. Communicate your weekly status on our raid calendar. Don't slack on this; we have gkicked people for not doing it.
6. Be a team player. This means be able to listen to instructions (sometimes not what you want to hear) from the raid leader and DO IT.
7. Be open-minded to accept constructive help to improve your play as needed and BE ABLE TO DO IT. This means if you suck we will tell you nicely to improve and we expect you to do it if you want to continue to raid; taking 2 months to "try" will not cut it.
8. Understand that "stand-by/subs" are a necessity for this guild that encourages people to balance their lives around this game.

We will always consider applications from people who seem like a good fit for our guild regardless if their class is full.

We look for adults 25 and older who are mature enough to understand the basic etiquette of WoW, however not so mature that they've forgotten how to laugh at sex jokes and bathroom humor. Our current membership is largely working professionals with a few college students, and we have quite a few couples and families playing within our guild. This doesn't mean you need to accept dick jokes, but it's going to happen here quite often. Guild chat is NC-17.

Please DO NOT apply if you're not interested in getting to know your guildies (never talk in gchat), a raid logger (never see you except raids), a "1337 rayder wit skillz" looking for fast loot, an attention deprived drama-llama e-whore, a fucking idiot, or a social retard/asshole/douche. Also, while we're more casual regarding our raid schedule, it is REQUIRED from our players to improve themselves (ie: not carried) and are "raid professionals". If you're not sure what being a "raid professional" means, we're not the guild for you.