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04-22-2011, 12:18 PM
Long time reader and always found this site extremely helpful. My warrior is my alt and I was hoping some of the experts here at Tankspot could take a look at my toon and give any criticisms that would be pertinent.


This toon essentially only does the daily heroic pretty much for valor but mainly to help guildies out with queue times so this isn't a progression minded set, I just want it to be the best for getting the heroics done quickly. I'm a little nervous about giving up any more hit or expertise then I already have as most of the dps I run with are iLvl 355-359 and keeping those mobs on me gets a bit much sometimes (had 4 misses in a row on a mob on my healer this morning on our heroic). I originally put in the stam mastery gems when I was just pushing into heroics and I knew my health would be borderline. I also know my parry:dodge ratio is awful but I'm planning on the valor chest in about 2 more days and wanted to get that on before I reforged to avoid having to do it all over again in 48 hours.

1) Am I at the point where I can go to full mastery in all yellows and only do stam/mast in blues?
2) Am I at the point where I can ditch the JC trinket for most fights and go with throngus' finger or porcelain crab (both of which are in my bags)?
3) I have almost enough valor for the badge chest and was planning on that for my first purchase, anyone have any disagreements on that as my first buy (remember max valor/week around 350 but I do the BH boss weekly)?
4) Any general commentary about spec, gems, reforges, or enchants?
5) Is there any scope that I could put on my gun that would help at all, particularly would the http://www.wowhead.com/item=59595 help reduce TC and/or SW misses?

04-25-2011, 12:45 PM
Gloves: Upgrade gem
Shoulder: Heroic Grim Batol has an upgrade for you
Helm: Upgrade from Justice Points
Shield: Reforge hit to parry
Legs: Reforge hit to mastery
Spec: Never really liked Deep Wounds as a tank, the tick on the dot is fairly minor even with Vengeance. Unless your use Gag Order a lot, I would recommend Incite for higher single target threat.

With your gear level threat should not be an issue even with your dps having 3-8 ilvls above you lol. If you are having problems in heroics with threat, you may just need to be more aggressive, or spec into vigilance and hand it to a melee dps who tends to pull aggro.

04-25-2011, 01:12 PM
St. Stephen, no way. My undead priest is named SaintStephen.

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04-25-2011, 01:47 PM
#1 - Until Hardmode raiding:
Red = Parry/Mastery
Blue = Stam/Mastery
Yellow / Prismatic / DPS Bonus (e.g. hit) = Mastery

All Chimera's eyes should be mastery until you start hard mode.

2) Probably go with Crab in most cases, if it's a magic intensive fight, then the JC trinket for extra health. It's going to be a situational case.

3) Head and hands are BiS from what I understand. So those are probably your first two. (since you already grabbed the chest)

4) See below

5) I've not seen anything tested out ad nasuem, but several people have reported testing scopes and it no longer working, it looks like they changed scopes to only affect attacks with the weapon enchanted.


#4 - some of this will repeat above:

i. 346 gear should have the best cuts. You may be keeping it a while.

ii. You don't need hit or expertise to hold threat, you need DPS that understand vengence. Reforge any hit/exp into Mastery -> Parry/Dodge

iii. Dodge = 1700+ rating, Parry = 1200+ rating. This is sub-optimal. Ideally' these would be flipped. Parry > Dodge because parry procs Hold the Line, so while dodge and parry have identical diminishing returns, they don't have identical effects (like dodge > parry for pallies due to is it mana regen on dodge?). You want to keep your parry % roughly 2-5% higher than dodge. The more mastery you have, the greater the divide should be (because Hold the Line has a symbiotic relationship with mastery/block).

iv. Every piece of gear should have mastery. If it doesn't by default, then you should reforge into mastery above all else, sub-hard modes. For example, your wrist is dodge/exp with no mastery reforging. Reforge the expertise.

v. It's personal preference but I'd swap the command or battle shout glyph for intimidating shout. It's a great interrupt for trash casters or for building in an incoming damage break if the healer is getting overwhelmed in a heroic. It also is nice to use on worshipping with Cho'gal, people don't run around into crap.

vi. It's personal preference, but I'd take the 2 points out of gag order and put them in incite to get the most out of deep wounds. It's also personal preference, but while I think thunderstruck is nice, I'd max out incite (3rd point from thunderstruck) over 2/2 in thunderstruck. I can definately see why a lot of players are dropping vigilance now, but I still kinda like it for raids, or for heroics with healers with HoTs, but it's definately not as valuable as it was before.

I didn't go piece by piece for your gear because the guideline is there. Good luck :D