View Full Version : US <Norgannon [H] Sweatshop Peons> is recruiting

04-22-2011, 07:01 AM
<Sweatshop Peons> of Norgannon Horde is looking for active/laid back players who want to get the most out of WoW in a drama free environment. We have players who love to do everything from PvP to leveling alts and professions, achievment/rep farming, old world raids, or straight just play the AH. With a main focus on 10 man progression raiding we have experienced role leads who are always patient and willing to help you get the most out of your toon, for whatever your WoW interests.
If you're a laid back player who doesn't take themselves or the game too seriously you're welcome to join SSP and get back to the fun of WoW!
Currently 9/12 (4/22/2011)
Progression raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:15-12:30 server time
Casual raid times whenever else!

About Norgannon/SSP: Norgannon is an East Coast realm with a small horde population of mostly casual players. SSP was a top 25 man raid guild during wrath pushing realm firsts, however with the start of cataclysm good players have become more scarce. We are looking to bring raiders back to this realm and compete for realm firsts once again.