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04-21-2011, 04:11 PM
Shadowed Soul is a 25 man raiding guild on the Ysera Server. We concentrate on current progression and are always on the lookout for someone who can improve our raiding force. We believe in a work hard and play hard attitude to our gaming. During raids we do our best to remain focused and work through the progression content. Off raid nights we relax and have fun, PVP, Heroics, Alt and old content raid for achievements are very common.

We were formed over 10 years ago in Everquest and have been active in World of Warcraft ever since. If your looking for an Adult, Stable, and low Drama guild and are interested in working with us as we progress through the Cataclysm raids, Shadowed Soul is the guild for you.

We are looking for players who have excellent situational awareness, know how to play their class to the fullest of its potential, and can show up to raid on time and be prepared with the knowledge and consumables needed to advance through progression raid content in Cata.

- Applicants should have a good attitude towards raiding and their guildmates, as well as being 100% focused during every raid night.
- Applicants should also possess a strong understanding of the raid encounters in our current progression as well as extensive knowledge of their class mechanics. You should not only know how to play your class/spec but also that of your fellow raiders.
- Members should maximize their gear, spec, gemming, and reforging for raiding. They should be flexible in how we utilize them for the benefit of the raid as a whole.

Every applicant will be considered, but these are our current Class/Spec Needs:

Death Knight Tank High
Death Knight DPS Medium

Feral Druid Medium
Balance Druid Medium
Resto Druid High

Hunter Medium

Mage Medium

Holy Paladin Medium
Prot Paladin Medium
Ret Paladin Medium

Disc Priest Medium
Holy Priest Medium
Shadow Priest Medium

Rogue Medium

Elemental Shaman Medium
Resto Shaman Medium
Enhance Shaman Medium

Warlock Medium

Fur/Arms Warrior Medium
Protection Warrior High

Cata Raiding Experience
10/12 25 Man + 1/1 BH

WotLK Raiding Experience:
12/12 ICC Normal 25
9/12 ICC HM 25
RS Normal 25

Our current raid schedule is Mon, Wed, and Thurs from 7:30 11:00 PM server time. While we do understand that real life comes 1st, applicants/members are required to keep a 80+% attendance rate to be considered a full time member. Exceptions can be made to this but they must be discussed with the officers.

Ventrilo is used for voice comms, and is required.

We also ask all members to meet the following addon requirements:
DBM/DXE/Big Wigs, oRA3, SimpleTankFrames and Omen as well as class-specific addons

If this sounds like a guild that can provide you with the experiences and environment that you are looking for, please apply!