View Full Version : Tanking Atramedes 10M Herioc Mode

04-21-2011, 01:20 PM
Well, where to start firstly weve been attempting this boss for a little while now after killing Halfus, and Chimaeron and weve had quite a few issues. It seems to me that when we perfect one mechanic where it is the discs or the tracking that the other mechanic tends to fail. So, what were going to attempt to do on Sunday when we raid next is have people stack and move to another location for the circles on the ground and then the person who ends up getting tracking will run to the right and the stacked up group will shift to the left a little bit. We tend to do okay in the air phase normally requesting that a person kite for about 5-10 seconds at least on average so the people who can kite longer have time to live before the flame catches up to them. My question is there any insight or suggestions that people may have that have previously killed this encounter on heroic mode. Id really like to get this boss down on Sunday. Thank you for your time and your knowledge in advance.