View Full Version : Tanking Heroic Threat

04-21-2011, 07:41 AM
I need some help,
That is my Armory.
Reforging some for the Expertise Soft Cap has really helped me a lot, but still with some DPS pulling 30k AOE damage, there must be something I am doing wrong.
I think I am going to switch some talents around.
Right now I'm working on H Maloriak and Tanking all the adds.
Any advice, AOE threat heavy specs and or gear reforging would help greatly.

04-21-2011, 07:57 AM
You missed deep wounds and the cleave glyph for aoe threat.
Specc + Glyphs: http://www.wowhead.com/talent#LGoMZZIrGdRRobbu:0Vocqs0zM
No need for PH on heroic mode, you'll not likely kite the adds.

Thorns/Tricks/Md for you avaible? If not, are your dps do what they can to assist you? Things like soulshatter, mirror images and hand of salvation? Do they tab through the mobs if possible? No reason to pull aggro from a melee pov if there are 4 other blobs left to beat on. And don't forget about intercept (-10% threat) for your melees.

Vigilance is on the maintank (for vengeance)? Spread rend and shockwave when there's no puddle, keep inner rage on cooldown and use cleave excessively. If possible release three adds before so you can bomb them with the blobs and slightly reduce the aoe damage (6 is the cap) while your rend/tc/cleave/shockwave all dealing regular damage.