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04-20-2011, 12:11 PM
Indiscretion is a 5 month old guild on Zulíjin who was formed to become a top raiding guild. We started raiding 25 man Cataclysm on 1/11/11 and we're currently 12/12 in normal modes. In heroic mode content, we are currently 6/13. We're looking to find some talented people who are fun to be around to kick up the raiding a notch and to clear things as fast and as well as the top guilds on server.


What We NEED
- Healers:
1-2 Resto Druids
1 Holy/Disc Priest
1 Holy Paladin (Only if geared and good!)

- Any DPS who can show a log of 22k DPS or greater with focus on the following:
1 Rogue
1 Hunter (exceptional applicant only)
1 Moonkin (exceptional applicant only)

Raid Info
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:00pm-12:00am.

Loot is awarded via a FAIR Loot Council. Feel free to ask for more info. The goal of our loot system is to put the loot where it will best serve the guild from a raid progression standpoint.

What Do We Expect From You?
- A stable internet connection and a computer decent enough to not lock up or lag consistently.
- Thick skin! You must be able to handle constructive criticism in all forms. (Hint: Don't lie to yourself or us. If you have a hard time dealing with getting called out for a mistake, we're not right for you.)
- Correct gems and fully enchanted. Blue quality gems and correct gems are required.
- Useful professions. We prefer two raid-ready professions but we will accept one if the other is decent for your class.
- *Situational awareness.* If you can't move out of sound waves, move from breaths, move/don't move when asked or needed, this isn't the right place for you.
- Dedication and reliability. You must show up consistently and be on time. 90% attendance rate during trial and 80% as a core raider is mandatory.
- A willingness to improve yourself at every cost not limited to using simulators, picking through logs, studying those better than you, changing gems etc...
- Don't be lazy! Exalted with Therazane and revered with whichever faction provides your helm enchant is a must. In addition, using max first aid is a plus for you!

What Can Indiscretion Offer You?
- A roster who is dedicated to improving the guild as a whole. We have players who are serious about making the best of their time in game.
- Players who come from diverse raiding backgrounds.
- A relatively laid back raid environment that tries to encourage the fun in the game as well as technical proficiency.
- The average age of the guild is around 28-29.
- 10 man alt runs for those who are interested in breaking the routine.
- Guild bank repairs, flasks and pots are provided.
- Main spec enchants are provided by the guild.

Signs You Know If You're Not A Good Fit
- You don't know what a log is.
- You don't know how to upload a screenshot.
- You don't feel like you should ever have to sit out for half a night. (If the GM can sit out for others, so can everyone else).
- You haven't read the latest information about your class in more than 30 days.
- You have a difficulty speaking English.

If interested, check us out at: Indiscretion-Guild.com or Contact Zenyatta, Raedahn, Darkazure, Brimn or Gnomeoleon for more info.