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04-19-2011, 07:07 PM
Realm: Arthas-US
Realm Type: PVP - High Population
Realm Time zone: EST
Progression 25:11/12 Normal 2/13 Heroic
Pogression 10: 12/12 Normal | 3/13 Heroic
Raid Times: 8-12pm
Raid Schedule 25s: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Loot System: Fixed Price DKP Loot System

Package Deals are taking into consideration and we are Always willing to take exceptional players regardless of class/spec just drop in an App.

Recruitment Needs!
Caster DPS/ Ranged: 1-2 Exceptional Players, does not matter the class
Healers: Needing 1 strong healer, does not matter the class

About Us: Sad Panda was created back in September of 2007 and have been a well Respected & tight Knit 25 man Raiding Guild. Like I mentioned We really thrive to keep our roster tight Knit, so we recruit to get players to raid not to Bench. We take raiding seriously, so taking criticism is a must here. We donít verbally abuse anyone But will replace you if Necessary.
We recruit to have players that do there research, people that know the class and show up and most importantly We are looking for long term additions, Players that want to become a part of our family, our core has been here for a long while and we stick together. We keep drama to a minimum and keep to ourselves for the most part, and this is why we are highly respected. We do officer meetings weekly and guild meetings when necessary to see whatís on playerís minds for ideas/Suggestions to better help the guild as a whole. Keep in mind we do not want cocky or know it alls here, mistakes happen, lag happens but excuses for deaths get frowned upon. The core has a end game goal and thatís to see this content through, we had a slow start but we recruit players that have the same end game goals as we do.

If this guild sounds like something you may be interested in I have 3 contact Real IDs which are Officers and myself so we can setup a vent interview. And if we arenít online Please fill out an application at http://sad-panda.guildlaunch.com

Geistreiter: Geistreiter@hvc.rr.com
Vole: banditshcky11@comcast.net
Yodawizards: Forcephotography@yahoo.com