View Full Version : US Group of 6 looking to xfer to 25m

Feebel the Pickle Lord
04-19-2011, 06:24 PM
Endless of Dragonblight 2/13HM, 10m, recently decided to look into transferring our small core group of 6 people to raid elsewhere. We are looking for 25m guilds only! We feel 10m are unbalanced in heroic progression and it's much harder to balance 10 then 25.

We would be interested in going horde however staying alliance would be fine as well.

We are a mature bunch, most of us over 25, married, kids, etc and control our own play times. We are not looking for a guild of post teens talking about farts and sex jokes all the time.

read our former policies here: endlessdb.guildlaunch.com

Our window's of when we can raid are from 730pm- 1030pm CST. Most of us prefer 3 days a week, which 3 aren't really that big of deal.

Everyone one of us are extremely solid theorycrafters and very skilled in what we do. We've decided we would like to play together instead of go our separate ways.

Our logs (last few raids have been with pugs/other merger aspects so ignore):


We have had people place fairly well on WOL and maintain competitiveness.

We have:

Kittysaurus (feral/cat spec main, resto off)
Sneeble (prot to the core, DPS off if needed)
Metroknight (blood main, DPS off)
Idzi (DPS, assas. rogue)
Gimpyy (Hunter tri speced and equally skilled in all three)
Eclipsed (boomkin druid, resto)

If interested please drop me a mail ingame or reply to this thread here and we'll setup a time to get together. I will reply to each response.