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04-19-2011, 03:21 PM
Immediate Needs:
An Elemental Shaman!
A Mage!
A Boomkin

We'd Also Consider:
A Holy/Disc Priest
A Resto Shaman

Our Raid Times:
We raid on Saturday at 2PM PST until 6PM PST.
Sundays at 2PM PST until 6PM PST.

Our Loot System:
We have implemented a roll system. Need(Main Spec, "the spec you are using in the raid") over Greed (Off-spec, "the spec you are not using in the raid"). This will eliminate the confusion/problems used with EP/GP and DKP systems, as well as the protests that we are playing "favorites". If you have already needed and won something in the raid, we would like you to pass on the next viable item. This process will restart once everyone has won an item. Under this system, no one item is going to waste.

What We Can Offer:
UC Elevator Victims will provide a friendly and active "guildstyle", as well as an active weekend raiding schedule. We enjoy joking and playing, and we would prefer that our recruits have a similar mind. Outside of raiding, we enjoy PvP, both battlegrounds and world alike. We would like to get into rated battlegrounds, but that is not a big priority at the moment. We are here to pursue progression with a core 10-man raiding team, who work together well.

Our Expectations:
We expect our raiders to come prepared to every raid. Being prepared means researching the fights PRIOR to the raid, bringing an adequate number of flasks as well as buff food. We will help our recruits gear through heroics, however we will not be taking people by the hands and leading said people through their class. We ask that you be confident in your abilities as a raider and as a guild member. We would like you to give what you can to the guild and in return, we will give what we can back.

Who Should You Talk To?:
If you're interested in becoming a member, or if you have any further questions concerning our guild, please send a whisper or mail in-game to Avāliné or Stillwinds. If none of those people should be on, take a moment to ask any member in guild to direct you at that time.
Please send all applications to UCEV website.