View Full Version : US Thunder Down Under(A) Khadgar-Serious Casual LF Raiders Will Consider Transfer Fees

04-19-2011, 07:27 AM
Thunder Down Under is an Alliance Raiding Guild founded on Khadgar US Realm in September of 2008. We began as an Australian American Guild but currently have members from all around the world; therefore we operate 24 hours a day. We are known around Khadgar as having the reputation of supporting our fellow man beyond our guild borders. Our raiding team is a group of "top quality" skilled players who are mature and take responsibility for raid progression. Our goal is to form 25 man raids to progress to end game content while having a blast!

Raiding Schedule:

- Tue Wed Fri Sat 8:00PM-11:30pm EST Invites start 7:30PM

- Ventrilo and mic required

- We require high attendance (80%-90%)

- We recognize that real life issues come up; however we require advance notice for tardiness or absences

- Occasionally we raid later in the week, late night or weekends

Raid Progression:

- Cataclysm 7/12 Bosses

- Immediate Needs: Heals

- All Classes

What You Can Expect from Us:

- We provide gems and enchants

- In raids we provide flasks, potions, foods and repair bots

- We help each other in making gear, weapons and other items for progression.

- We are a group of dedicated loyal friends that want to be a part of helping you achieve your goals

What We Expect from You:

- We expect you to have an acceptable internet connection for best raid performance

- We expect you to research your class and be equipped with the proper gear, gems and glyphs

- We expect you to research boss fights and strategies before coming to the raid and be able to carry out raid assignments as instructed by the Raid Leader.

- We hold each other accountable for raid performance and expect you to be mature and respectful to all and not whine or cry when decisions are made for what is best for the raid team

Please visit our website www.tdu.wowstead.com (http://www.tdu.wowstead.com) to apply; ask questions or just say hi! We would consider it an honor to help you in anyway and will consider costs for realm transfers. See you soon!