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04-18-2011, 10:18 PM
Hello everybody, I am a new holy priest player. I joined this week bot and bwd for few bosses. I noticed, I use too much flash heal especially, on the second boss of bot. I watched the cata. priest guide. I changed couple of my glyphs,and I am more confident, however; i have huge problem with when should I use which spell. Because, when I see up bar yellow-red, I get nervous and spam flash heal x2 then greater heal. I try to use coh and pom as much as I can.
Any advice would be great Ty

04-18-2011, 11:38 PM
lol that is your problem right there..
i cant remember the last time i used flash heal in a boss fight in cata - since they increased the mana cost. its just not worth it. anyway as a holy priest your primary job should be raid healing. so for me, my primary heals will always be POM, COH, POH. i pop a renew now and then on dps who have some damage. if i need a big heal then ill just use heal or GH. flash heal should really be a last resort of last resorts. its a bit hard to advise you without an armory link. anyway you might wanna respec to ensure you have all the mana saving talents if your spirit is low (a comfortable level to aim for raids is around 2.8k+ combat regen (fully buffed). so gem/ enchant accordingly.
this guide has pretty much all you need to know.


04-19-2011, 12:00 AM
Hello, thank you for your reply. This is my priest: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/zenedar/seyyah/simple
Thank you

04-19-2011, 03:24 PM
As you gear up, one of your first goals will be to achieve a 12.5% Haste buffed (so you usually only need 7.5% Haste since you will often run with a Boomkin or Shadowpriest - if you don't run with either and run with a Warlock have him use Dark Intent on you and just get 9.5% Haste). This will give you an extra tick of Renew and will make it an amazing filler spell for when you are healing.

As the previous poster said, as a Holy Priest, your primary job will be raid healing. Deciding what spell you should use when is going to be something that will change based on the situation and the kind of spec you are running. Good rules of thumb are that if there are only 1-2 people that need some healing in a group is to use Renew on them (especially if you have that 12.5% Haste as it makes it an amazing filler). If there are 3+ people that can fully benefit from it, Prayer of Healing is an amazingly powerful spell in the Sanctuary chakra state especially with our Mastery. Your spell usage outside of that will vary based on the encounter. But also like the other poster said, try to stay away from using Flash Heal too much.

For now, you have a fairly standard build that should work fine. I'd suggest taking points out of Tome of Light though and put them into Rapid Renewal (especially if you get that Haste) and a point into Veiled Shadows. You can also to some other spec changes once you are more comfortable with being a Holy Priest such as http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/blackwing-lair/undome/simple. This is the build I use for my 10 man raid healing build. If you have any questions on it, I'll be sure to check back on the thread.

If there are any fights that are specifically troubling for you, let me know and I'll try to help. A lot of healing is general 'rules of thumb' but there are some nifty tricks that are so numerous that work for specific fights.

04-19-2011, 11:38 PM
Hello, thank you for your helpful reply.
So far, chimearon is he hardest. Especially, Freud part, aoe of the healing overall is not good enough . Moreover, sometimes it becomes ridiculous, when two ppl get the hp 1, two healer heal the same target.
2nd during the council, 2nd phase, earthquake vortex stuff, makes the guild separate widely;therefor, I cannot heal furthest person which was tank.

From the forum, I've seen ppl say expensive for renewal also the priest guide says it. Why do you suggest me to take the rapid renewal. Yes, I agree if priest is for raid healing and holy word sanctuary heals nothing, it is okay to remove points from holy word talent. But, why renewal?

For the random hc's, it is Better to use, serenity for chakra state?

example for flash heal ; stonecore first mobs one gets bigger and deals extremely huge amount og damage to tank, it is flash heal time?

For my pants I am thinking about crafting an epic pant from tailoring and reforge the crit. to spirit. What do you think? ( crit mastery pant)

04-20-2011, 10:26 AM
Chimaeron is something that takes a bit of getting used to. Fortunately, once you get an appropriate amount of SP, it becomes a joke. Since you don't have quite enough spellpower for the method I used (I handle the Caustics on my own), your best bet would be to organize your other healers.

For example, with your raid frames sorted as group you will want to have someone handled Caustics in Group 1, while you handle Caustics in Group 2. If, for some reason, there are two Caustics on one group, have someone take the person in the raid frames that is higher up on the list while you take the lower one. That will make sure you both don't heal the same person.

Once you have enough spellpower you can actually just put all of the DPS in Group 2 while Healers and Tanks are in Group 1. Then just use PoH on group 2 when they get slimed, or use Binding Heal if you get slimed and a DPS also gets slimed. The other healers in this method are responsible for themselves.

For my Rapid Renewal choice it is because I do use Renew a lot in my raiding because it is an absolutely amazing HPM for me. With my buffs I can get 5-7K Renew Crits depending on the night and spellpower ticks. With a 6th tick of Renew that can make my Renew heal from anywhere from 21-42k. This is a very powerful spell if it is allowed to do its thing. There are more situations where I will use a lot of consecutive Renews in a raid - a lot more than I would every use the HW spells.

For random heroics it is will be best to be in Serenity state, especially if you have HW: Serenity. Even then, keeping a Renew constantly up is going to be a very efficient way to heal them regardless of if you have HW:Serenity.

The use of Flash Heal is always going to be something based on the situation. If you don't think your other Heals will get to him in time, then go ahead and Flash Heal. However, I would recommend looking to see if you can avoid getting into that situation in the future through interrupts. If I understand the creature you are talking about, that shouldn't happen - he should be interrupted when he starts casting his transformation.

As for the pants, that would be okay. If you can, I'd suggest purchasing the tier legs though if you feel you won't see them drop from Baradin Hold. Their upgraded version is BiS for Holy Priests.