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04-17-2011, 09:53 PM
About Cognition
Cognition is a 25 Man Horde Raiding guild on the US-Aegwynn server that focuses on progressing through end game content. We raid 3 nights a week, Tues, Thurs, Sun 8:30PM-11PM server time (CST), invites go out 15 minutes before the raid. Off nights are typically used for 10 man alt runs, PvP, etc. We are a tight-knit group seeking dedicated, skilled, and mature players looking to complement our 25 man raid team. We prefer our members to be 18+, however we will make exceptions to those who can demonstrate a level of maturity.

What does Cognition expect from its members?
Cognition's core activity is raiding, and because of this we expect members to be on time and prepared to raid. This means that you have not only studied the fights, but you also know what your role is on those fights, the mechanics of the fight and how your class can and should deal with those mechanics. You are expected to come prepared with enough consumables to last the raid and you have the latest versions of required raid addons (Omen/DBM/BigWigs/Vent). When not participating in a raid, we expect our members to research boss fights and their class to make sure they are up to date with any relevant changes.

Loot is awarded through a loot council system. The council takes different factors into consideration such as member status, raid attendance, significance of upgrade,and previous loot received. Recruits are eligible to receive loot during their trial period. We believe that loot needs to be distributed to best serve our raid progression. Loot from 10 man runs is rolled for through open rolls.

25 Man Heroic Progression 2/13
[ ] Omnotron Defense System
[ ] Magmaw
[ ] Maloriak
[ ] Atramedes
[x] Chimaeron
[ ] Nefarion
[x] Halfus wyrnbreaker
[ ] Valiona and Theralion
[ ] Elementium Monstrosity
[ ] Cho'Gall
[ ] Sinestra
[ ] Conclave of the Wind
[ ] Al'Akir

Currently Recruiting:

Higher Priority
- Balance Druid
- Mage
- Exceptional players of any role

Lower Priority
- Hunters
- Tanks

How to Apply
-Apply on our Website: http://cognition.guildlaunch.com
-If you want to talk to us in game, please contact Ozymandius, Senusret, Missappear, Klavin, Usermaatre, Dommi, Saphos.