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04-15-2011, 04:19 AM
<Paradigm Shift> - where dedication and focus don’t need 4 nights a week, and “casual” isn’t synonymous with “slack”.

Raid night again! Your excitement grows as you prepare your consumables. You’re trying a new build for progression – maybe you’ll be the one to carry the group through to victory tonight, finally gaining that long-sought kill!

Wait. Why are you hoping to ‘carry’ your group again? Why is that word even in your vocabulary, if you’re in a regular team?

Well...watching the last kiter you had shuffle around with the turning circle of a barge caused you immense pain. You wouldn’t admit it, but you collapsed into silent weeping when your offtank asked what a /target macro was. You would have mentioned something earler, but your dps seemed insistant that he could ‘totally solo the adds, lol’ 4 seconds before being 1-shot. But this is a good night – generally, your voicechat is so quiet even the tumbleweeds haven’t bothered turning up.

Foolishly, you trusted people to use their abilities beyond their basic rotation. Or perhaps you expected them to have a rotation. No matter – eventually the stars will align, RN-Jesus will smile upon you, and the kill will be yours.

<Paradigm Shift> doesn’t believe in that. We say: suffer in silence (or loud, ventrilo-based nerdrage) no longer. You can enjoy quality raiding, with actual visible progress, with a decent group of people... on 2 nights a week. We are a new guild, formed at the launch of Cataclysm by players searching for that raiding holy grail – decent progression on a casual schedule, with a good social atmosphere thrown in.

Drama is boring, explaining a boss’s basic mechanics for the 10th time (rather than working on strategies for said boss) is a waste of time, and dealing with epeening, whining and general lack of knowledge about the game when you could be raiding is annoying. The guild has built up a solid playerbase who want to deal with none of these – however, our standards mean recruitment is not quick. We have travelled the forums far and wide to find people who fit socially, who enjoy focus and dedication in their raids, and who can see beyond the next epic.

Do not apply if:

You want to raid more that 2 nights a week.
You think raiding is a means to an end, and every conversation with you must mention your epic gear at least 3 times.
You think Logs, FRAPS, discussing strategy/tactics, and focussing on an encounter outside the raid is pointless.

You might want to apply if you want to be challenged but not frustrated by raiding, you aren’t afraid of coordination and responsibility, and still harbour a spark of hope that raiding can be enjoyable and progressive.

This is a brand-new guild project on Alliance Vek’nilash-EU –we are recruiting primarily with future goals in mind, as our eventual aim is steady 25s. In the meantime, we run double 10s for heroic progression, with the odd 25 thrown in for good measure.

We are currently looking for some spicy shaman (any spec), a few robust rogues, a delicious warlock and maybe a ret paladin/shadow priest to taste. There’s also space for a solid dps DK, but the required tank offspec makes them a meal on their own.

So if you have previous raid experience (and want more), an in-depth knowledge of your class mechanics, and want to be part of a likeminded raid team, you can find out more at:


Or, you can contact me for more information through the Tankspot forums, ingame, or via email:


Or speak to one of our charming officers: Payce or Xcercs