View Full Version : Tanking Neferain phase 1 adds

04-14-2011, 10:51 PM
How is the best way to cc adds or keep them under controll currently we try a hunter kiting with frost trap and mage with circle of frost it dosnet work out so well.

Raid set up

Druid tank
Paladin tank

Feral dps
Fire mage
SS/Marks hunter
destro lock

holy paladin
resto druid
resto shaman

04-15-2011, 08:42 AM
Make the holy paladin tank them by spam healing themselves with righteous fury up.

04-15-2011, 10:35 AM
You got a feral dps, that's the perfect class for phase 1 on adds :)

Add shadownova to migitate damage as well as circle of frost in the end.

04-15-2011, 10:38 AM
would the be running around doing it or just sitting there healing themsleves

04-15-2011, 10:46 AM
They just sit there and heal. Usually we group the adds up close to nefarians butt and just tank them. We have a DK pop blood presence and tank them because of the plate, but I've heard of holy paladins doing this as well.

04-15-2011, 11:00 AM
Feral druid as bear would work best for your group. Just tell him to go bear in dps spec and gear. I do it as a frost dk in blood presence. Then we use holy wrath and circle of frost as well as hungering cold. Works well for us. Kiting them just asks for problems like poorly timed tail swipes etc. Plus the "add tank"s dps doesn't really matter for phase 1

04-15-2011, 11:08 AM
Our feral cat tanks them in bear form, when they are about to die he pulls them to the edge of the room so there is absolutely no danger of fire spawning anywhere else in P3

04-16-2011, 06:22 PM
We use a frost mage, there's no reason why a mage or hunter couldn't manage this task by themselves, and zero reason why they fail doing it together. Besides keeping them snared, they only need to keep away from Ony's tail swipe, as them getting knocked down/stunned typically results in them dying.