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04-14-2011, 05:00 PM
Hi all, I tanked a lot in wrath where CC wasn't an issue so i never really learned the "Proper" way to handle CC. And shortly after cata i decided to hold off on tanking due to the fact im not that great of a leader, and trying to lead groups through content i do not know wasn't really a good idea. Recently I did pick up an addon called wMarker, which is an awesome addon so i am ready to start CC'ing.

I guess my main question is how do i go about deciding which to cc and which to take on first? CC the healers and skull/ X the melee monsters? CC the melee's and take out healers first? ect. If anyone can offer some advice i would really appreciate it, as i am trying to learn how to tank "properly" and not be a dill-hole.

thanks in advance :D

04-14-2011, 08:45 PM
it doesnt really matter. you can save healers to last if you want or you can just pick them and burn them first. the important thing is - where you have two healers, then one definitely needs to be locked down. my own preference is usually to CC the healers or casters tho.

04-15-2011, 04:55 AM
It really depends on what mobs you are facing, but you want to try and cc the following mobs first:
Heavy AoE damage (long range)
Heavy Solo damage
Support (Increasing the other mobs their damage)
Heavy AoE damage (Close combat)

It's the way I prefer. Based on my 5 man HC group (Prot paladin / Furry war / Mage / Lock / Shaman). We got plenty of CC options so no problem here. I can imagine that when your options are limited that you want to make more precise decisions.

04-15-2011, 09:15 AM
It isn't so much a black and white do this for this type of mob, however I do think there is a fairly well understood thought process that occurs when dealing with unfamilar mobs. And that thought process has four steps.

1. Group Composition
2. Healers
3. Ranged/Casters
4. Melee

This is not a CC priority list.

This is a process you go through when considering unfamilar trash. Bare in mind once you learn all the trash you don't really go through this thought process anymore, you know what you want to do and can adapt to different group compositions easier.

First thing to consider is your composition and what tools you have at your disposal, interrupts, CC, AoE, ect. This requires at least a general understanding of what each class can do. For example Hunters, Rogues, and (Non-Feral) Druids can remove enrage effects, so naturally if they are in the group I might consider a mob with an enrage less threatening (provided they actually trust them to remove the enrage).

Next thing as a group leader I generally consider is what am I doing with the healer types? Is there more than one healer in the pack is usually a big determining factor. If there are ever multiple healers in a pack, you generally want to CC at least one to avoid cross healing (or have someone watching the non-focused target for interrupts). If there is only one healer in the group it becomes a little more trivial, we can CC it and ignore it for later, or we can simply kill it first so it can't heal as much. In many cases killing it first is better because healer types generally do less damage than damage types so if you don't use your CC on the healer you can use it on something that hits harder instead.

Next you consider the ranged or caster types. There are two reasons why you consider these before melee types. The first reason is their damage tends to come in larger spikes which can make healing a bit more unpredictable. Additionally since this is often magic damage, a tanks mitigation against non-physical damage is always less than their mitigation against physical damage. The second reason you want to figure out what to do with these second is because they are ranged and ranged mobs are naturally more difficult to tank for the simple matter that they can stay in place and use ranged abilities rather than pursuing their aggro target. Because these targets may be at range, you're much more likely to lose aggro on them to someone else as well such as your healer. These are often the mobs you will CC while you are unfamilar with them. Once you are familar with them however you may deem them less threatening than their counterparts.

Lastly you consider what to do with melee mobs. The reason you consider these last is because they are the easiest for the tank to position and hold aggro on. They may however have abilities which make them more threatening than their ranged/caster counter parts. Until you actually learn that though you can only make your judgement based on what is easiest to deal with from a mechanics perspective.

Again, I'd like to empasize this does not in anyway specify how you prioritize CC targets. It discusses the order which as a group leader I consider new unfamilar mobs. Once you know what things do, you can make more educated decisions on how to handle them. Just cause I consider healers before others, doesn't mean I CC them first. It simply means I decide what to do with them first.

04-15-2011, 10:31 AM
I'd also like to add that this will change depending on your tank class, ability, and what the group has in it.

For example: As a warrior I can lock down 1 caster for sure, as long as it takes the dps to kill them... often longer.

If your group has a shaman or a mage or a hunter, they have ranged cc's that can be reapplied as needed. If your group only has a rogue, you get 1 sap and that cannot be reapplied in combat.

So knowing what CC's you have and what you don't have will help for making a decision on what you need to do. If I am dealing with (for example):

3 caster mobs (2 ranged, 1 healer) and 2 melee mobs
My group has a hunter, a rogue, a warrior tank, a dk and a healer (of any type it doesn't matter)

My pull would generally be sap/trap the ranged, heroic throw (with gag order) the healer mob and death grip if needed, shockwave the melee mobs. The healer mob dies first, then the melee mobs, then the sap, then the trap.

This way you take the ranged (often harder to aggro) targets out of the scenario, kill the healer (who is just annoying) and as a tank you should be able to survive 2 melee mobs for quite a while. You've minimized the chance of something going wrong, and kill in the order of what is active next. (Sap cannot be reapplied like traps, so that is why you kill it first.)

04-15-2011, 10:46 AM
Casters are good to CC because they can't be kited to you so easily.. We always like to CC healers and pick them off last and part of this is because if the CC breaks I will kite the mobs apart so it can be CC'd again. If the CC is done early one of my guys is probably off cooldown if cc gets broke.

If you are left in the situation where a caster is not cc'd then you rush to him and just be careful not to break cc. For me I have vengeance to consider so I need to take some hits from that caster as well as land hits so I am on him like white on rice. As I am sure you know you can kite the caster too but you gotta rush up and pull him back a few feet at a time.. (Then you can swing your back to the CC real fast and use the spells that would otherwise break CC with your back to the CC'd targets)

04-15-2011, 09:53 PM
Thanks everyone, this is helping me alot. :P