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04-14-2011, 10:29 AM
Hi there!

I'm a Holy Priest slowly but surely (at least I hope) getting more comfortable with what I'm doing in raids. I was Disc in WotLK but have been playing Holy in Cata (with the exception of Heroic Halfus, which I've attempted a couple of times as Disc).

Anyhoo, I'm going to post my the two logs of our raid from the other night along with my armory page. From what I'm told, my heals could be higher and I just am not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any advice would be great, I've got to prep for tonight's raid!



when that log was taken, I did not have the gloves or staff that I currently have.

Thanks - any advice would be great!

04-18-2011, 03:24 AM
I see entire fights where either you forgot your Lightwell, or nobody clicked on it. It's far and away your most mana- and time-efficient heal, you need to train both yourself and your DPS to use it properly.

You also tend to overuse Flash Heal. I wouldn't recommend casting it much outside of Chimaeron, just way too expensive. I'm not terribly good at reading logs so there's probably other stuff I'm missing.

Tome of Light is generally considered a weak talent given how poor the Holy Word spells perform. I'd shift those points into Rapid Renewal, Improved Death (I mean, Spirit of Redemption), or Blessed Resilience (don't laugh, it helps quite a bit with survival). Inner Sanctum isn't too strong either, you should probably move those points into Mental Agility and 1/2 Veiled Shadows for some extra mana to play with.

Other than that, Armory looks okay. I was about to yell at you for not having the ultra-awesome Engy enchant on your gloves, then I noticed you just got them :-P

04-18-2011, 10:43 AM
One thing that strikes me from your gear is that your haste is very low. It would be wise to pick up a bit of haste. Since you run with a Shadowpriest, you don't need quite as much haste as some other comps, but by getting to 12.5% haste buffed would give you a sixth tick of Renew and make that spell much more effective.

The lack of haste probably allows other healers to snipe you a bit more, but that is inevitable considering you are running 3 healers and there is only so much damage that will be going out. Unless there are specific fights that you are having trouble with, it isn't much of an issue.

Other than the lack of Haste, I would use a build http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/blackwing-lair/undome/talent/primary. I do not like the Holy Word spells at all so I do not spec into Revelations at all. Neither HW:Serenity, which I rarely use as a raid healer, nor HW:Sanctuary are something I feel are necessary for a 10 man raid healing environment. There have yet to be any situations where I was like, "Hey, I wish I had that spell for this..."

It allows you to put points elsewhere. Blessed Resilience is currently quite a powerful talent that has about a 30% uptime since it is proccing upon critical heals onto you. That makes it very similar to the Paladin's Protector of the Innocent in that I rarely have to ever heal myself. The random healing from AoE's usually keeps me well in the green.

Especially once you get your 12.5% Haste you can make great use of Rapid Renewal. Using Renew as a filler for when there are 2 people in a group that need healing but the rest can't benefit from a PoH is a great use of mana and time. In the Sanctuary Chakra state you can get some incredibly powerful Renew ticks in raid.

From your spellbreakdown though you should definitely be using Flash Heal less. Focus on using Renew and PoH in the Sanctuary Chakra state with CoH and PoM on cooldown/appropriate usage. Let your Mastery do some of its work - Holy Priests have an amazing Mastery. It is not unusual for me to have Echoes of Light at my #4 Heal.