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04-14-2011, 10:18 AM
Ok so I am comparing results between SMF and TG and trying to figure out which direction I should go. TG looks a lot cooler but SMF is supposed to have a higher DPS ceiling and I want to min/max as much as possible. That combined with having 1 heroic lavaspine and no heroic 2 handers it seems like SMF should be the way to go but I think my rotation still favors TG a bit because my numbers don't seem to show SMF taking the lead how I expected they should (in fact the opposite).

Based on WoL parse review here were my results on the Boss Target Dummy doing 10 million damage each, nothing but self buffs and cds with no sunders. Both specs maintained near 8% hit, 26 expertise and other stats based on str > crit > mastery.

SMF - 16,229 DPS, 14,448 Effective DPS (Time to reach 10 million damage 620 seconds)

BT: 3,735,449 total damage (37.1%)

118 hits (16,056 avg)
52 crits (35,400 avg)

Melee: 2,172,786 total damage (21.6%)

242 hits (4,079 avg)
94 crits (8,252 avg)

RB (MH/OH Combined): 1,510,550 total damage (15%)

58 hits (15,668 avg)
16 crits (35,677 avg)

Slam (MH/OH Combined: 950,045 total damage (9.5%)

35 hits (16,024 av)
11 crits (35,382 avg)

HS: 920,165 total damage (9.1%)

26 hits (11,490 avg)
26 crits (23,900 avg)

Deep Wounds: 572194 total damage (5.7%)
Colossus Smash: 209,840 total damage

25 total

TG - 16,986 DPS, 16,619 Effective DPS (Time to reach 10 million damage 595 seconds)

BT: 3,392,261 total damage (33.4%)

107 hits (14,457 avg)
60 crits (30,421 avg)

RB (MH/OH Combined): 2,171,160 (21.5%)

53 hits (22,402 avg)
21 crits (45,639 avg)

Melee: 2,161,370 total damage (21.4%)

146 hits (5,761 avg)
76 crits (11,793 av)

Deep Wounds: 757,017 total damage (7.5%)
HS: 738,395 total damage (7.3%)

31 hits (9,316 avg)
21 crits (21,409 avg)

Slam: 610,234 total damage (6%)

16 hits (13,227 avg)
16 crits (24,912 avg)

Colossus Smash: 299,253 total damage

28 total

I am fairly sure the largest issue is my rotation fail with SMF. I attempt to pool rage a bit before CS so that I can fit as much ability use into that window as possible whereas TG basically just use it as soon as it is available at all times.

Any thoughts/suggestions on how to improve the SMF rotation / priorities? I expect I will probably stay TG until I get a second Heroic Lavaspine especially if I get a heroic 2 hander (until 4.1 hits, then I may be forced into SMF due to mastery nerf).

04-14-2011, 01:30 PM
One thing it looks like you can definitely say, the mastery nerf is really going to hurt TG (21.5% of damage from RB in TG vs only 15% from RB in SMF) whereas the white swing damage buff will improve them almost equally (21.6% from SMF melee vs 21.4% melee from TG). It is really looking like SMF is going to come out better from the 4.1 changes then TG will =(

04-16-2011, 01:52 AM
If you used the same gear and stats for SMF and TG, then you have a fundamental problem.

For SMF you want 12+% Hit to have enough Rage to never really have to wait to pool and to be able to use HS a lot.
This isn't true with TG where you want 8% Hit and value Mastery much higher.

Try doing the SMF test again but reforge your gear for max Hit while maintaining Expertise cap, putting Crit on every piece and minimizing Haste.