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04-13-2011, 04:35 PM
Hi, thought I'd share how I'm learning to tank incase anyone else it doing the same...

I'm pretty new to WoW by some peoples' measure, and have never really been very focused. Spending most of my time dicking around. Until recently, when I decided I wanted to get a toon to max level and heal/tank. I've never really tanked, except a brief stint at about level 25 where I tried tanking with a warrior alt for a few levels. I never really got it down though, despite some helpful hint and tips from the good people here at tankspot!

Moreover, I really wanted a Druid, so that I could stop rolling alts! I wanted my 'all-in-one' solution.

Anyway I levelled my Druid as resto, for instant queues, dropping into catform here and there to do quests.

I ran normals and heroics as resto, building up my gear and rep as I went. On the side though, with pug approval, I would 'need' on leather drops that would be good for a feral.

I now have a complete set of i346 with a few rep i359 items. I took a trip over to Elitist Jerks - Druid - feral bear thread and skimmed over the contents. I spec'd glyphed, gemmed, enchanted and reforged what I had as best I could.

I then headed over to the dummy's and worked out two main rotations and an opener:

1. AOE rotation
2. Single target

I hammered on the dummy for a few hours, moving my buttons and keybinds, till I got a good layout, and the muscle memory started flowing. I worked on the 2 rotations so that I could mix and match, depending on the situation.

I tweaked my ui with bartender, pitbull, omen, omnicc, sbf, dbm, tidy & threat plates.

I then joined LFG and the fun began...

Trash is murder. I hate casters, so I try to ID them, stick a skull on their head and charge in. Followed by frontloading as much AOE damage as I can. After a few moments I switch to single target rotation and throw in the odd AOE spell, whilst keeping tabs on the various mob threat, using threat plates colours. If one starts moving in healer direction I charge him and hit him hard with a mangle to get his attention before back-peddling him back toward the main pack.

I found my first few runs (on normal) quite stressful. However I'd always start by telling the group, I'm new to tanking, and would be willing to leave the dungeon, to allow them to wait for an experienced tank, unless they were happy to work with me and drop me any helpful pointers.

After a few runs I though, I needed to get rid of the stress and get a feel for moving about and controlling mobs. I flew over to The Scarlet Cathedral and solo'd the various dungeons. OP I know, but the idea was to get a feel. I then headed over to ramps and did it, again no problem pulling pretty much everything in sight, so flew over to northrend and solo'd violet hold. Then rejoined the LFG.

After my little exercise, I was much more comfortable, pulling trash and aoe tanking. I'd recommend this method.

I'm still working on polishing my rotation work, but have found the addon omnicc really helpful in this respect.

Anyhow it's all a work in progress, but feedback so far has been positive from the various pugs.

Hope this helps someone in some way.


Argent Dawn

04-13-2011, 05:48 PM
You went to a lvl 40 instance, one shotting everything to improve on tanking? :D

Druid aoe is way more stressful then it should be - at least compared to the other tanks - it will be addressed in 4.1 (swipe cd reduction in half and a damage buff).

04-14-2011, 01:18 AM
Heh heh, I did! Kinda lame I know; The point was that I found positioning with the bear kinda weird, as you are on all fours. I did jump right back in to the cata instances once I'd sussed movement.

At the minute, the timing is working fine for me on aoe, and I'm not seeing issues if I do it right. My aoe rotation is: enrage, charge in with fff, then:

thrash, swipe, maul, mangle.

Then I play bash the gopher, with those 4 keys. By the time I've hit mangle, thrash is ready.