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04-13-2011, 02:49 PM
Hey guys, I have couple of Mage guildies and I've never had problems with DPS in raids, but they seem to be consistently low on the meters, I'm trying to understand why, maybe its just a gear issue, maybe its fight mechanics, I don't want to be benching them if its a gear issue but farm nights are getting frustrating, Help me help my mages please.

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04-14-2011, 10:28 AM
Well, the first problem that jumps out at me without looking at their armory is that your mage is raiding in arcane.

Maloriak has some phases where you can park and dps, which is well suited to arcane, but the final phase requires extensive movement that makes maintaining dps as arcane difficult.


Your mage is also missing a major enchant on his weapon (power torrent), a belt buckle and has some interesting trinkets. Stump of time would let him reforge alot of that gear away from hit and the darkmoon card is purchasable and a solid trink. There are also some crafted pieces such as the dreamless belt that would let him ditch some of the healing gear he's using.

Mechanically, he's not making the best use of his abilities. In a 6 minute long fight I see one use of his primary DPS cooldown, arcane power, when he could have used it twice more. Same applies to his mana gem - one use out of three.

He's also missing a lot of spell power that could be gained through incanter's absorption - one use when he could be using it at least once on every red phase (use it just before phase change and then again in the middle of red. Every time maloriak does his aoe fire on the raid, it buffs his SP by about 750ish..a major boost.)

He's also not spell stealing the healing buff off of the boss, which would restore a huge amount of mana your mage chum, (50k mana per steal) and for an arcane mage, mana=dps.

Have him fix his fire spec as well, he should have cauterize as a raiding mage.

So yeah, he's got a little work to do.

P.S. And for reference, here's a link to a chart showing average dps for arcane mages on Maloriak (10n) http://raidbots.com/dpsbot/Overall_DPS/10N/all/14/60/default/#4

04-14-2011, 02:38 PM
He is also not reforging into mastery. As ab arcane mage. higher mana = higher dps. (which is why you see some mages do about 70k burst in the beginning of a fight. Power torrent is a must. He also should be gemming straight intellect unless the Socket gives 20 intell or more. (see chest)

04-14-2011, 03:30 PM
He is also not reforging into mastery

That's because he's mostly forging for hit. The stump is pretty tough to beat for mages still working out of their heroic gear.

04-17-2011, 09:22 AM
right not to good at reading wol tbh only just started using it but i see no flame orb being cast and if in a high movement phase he still has instant casts he can use arcane barrage ice lance fire blast just keep casting if need to move blink if possible plus rocket boots just move fast stop start ab spam again always use gems 1st at 70% mana then again whenever avalible at 30% mana evo up again. Make sure fm is on the best player to give you feed back. save PoM for when moving to keep the stack up just tips btw you guys are further ahead than us so just trying to hlp i normaly stay round 14-15k though well hope it hlps have fun



arcane is a bit broken at the moment there dps should improve a lot from next patch

04-18-2011, 09:39 AM
How many burn phases is your mage hitting. Cause I'm only seeing one on the start of p2 when you hit heroism.

Your mage should most likely read the EJ page on arcane because it looks there are a few critical things he should look into.

-Burn phases: You want to hit a burn phase every 2 minutes when evocation allows. This is critical. He should work on keeping his mana high during nonburn phases to maximize mastery bonus this means gearing to maximize his mastery bonus.

-Your mage seems to be saving his cooldowns for hero instead of bursting hard when he can and that looks to be gimping his dps.

Generally I would suggest him to go fire unless you need the 3% damage very badly from him. Arcane isn't great dps currently, fire edges out on non movement fights. And on AoE or high movment fights fire can't be beat, and most likely won't be beat after 4.1