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04-13-2011, 12:52 PM
Hello everybody,

My guild has been working on Conclave 25 hard mode for 2 weeks now, we fixed every details along the way, kiting is fine, swapping is fine, but last night on most time we ended up failing unable to kill Nezir in the zerg phase before the big silence.

We use 3 tanks, 6 healers, and rest is dps split between platforms, if I remember well Nezir is at about 50% when we jump for the final zerg phase and we lust there too.

First time we went there we had 7 healers and we were 2M from killing him, so we went to 6 healers, but we still fall short.

We basically had 2 ultimates, and a 3rd one is going on in the zerg phase, is there anything we need to do, like at another ultimate before going to zerg, have specific number on Nezir before going to zerg, and even simply try to eat another storm shield phase before going to the middle..

Basically we zerg the wind and nature boss after 2nd ultimate (3rd storm shield is a bitch, but we get through it), then go asap to frost to zerg it.

So either it's a dps issue or we should slow done our zerging to get Nezir lower, so a point we will have to eat another storm shield, do you guys deal with 2 ultimate pre-zerg phase or 3?

Thanks in advance.

04-13-2011, 01:24 PM
50% is a little high to be going into the zerg phase. During the first ultimate, you should be getting Nezir down to about 65-68%. Then during the second ultimate, you want to get him down to about 35-40%. You want to go into the zerg phase with Nezir around 35%. Is your Anshal DPS going back to the Anshal platform right after Nezir's ultimate? If so, have them stay on Nezir for a bit. They don't have to go back immediately. They should just be back by around the time the adds are spawning. In our raid, I usually have DPS stay on Nezir's platform until he's at 20 energy and then have them switch back to their original platform.

04-13-2011, 11:37 PM
50% is a huge stretch. We're working on heroic Cho'gall and have some awesome DPS, but 50% would be very difficult for us.

Our first kill was around 20%, which was way too easy. 30% should be what you're looking for.

Just tell people to try to squeeze in more damage. Your healers can probably take it, especially if you can set up cooldown rotations and tranquility rotations during the frost ultimate. Instead of going back at ~75 energy, send some people back at ~65 energy (especially if they can remove their stacks).

04-14-2011, 09:21 AM
It did not work for us either. Just have three ultimates instead, seems a lot smoother.