View Full Version : US [A] Aggramar <Bloody Rage> 10 man afternoon Raid team

04-12-2011, 09:12 AM
About Bloody Rage:

We are still a young guild that has only been around for about a year. We maybe a young guild but we are fun and mature. Most of our guildies are above the age of 25. We started casually raiding ICC 10 last June, in September we got a serious group and by the end of November we were 11/12 10m H. We are a dedicated guild always looking for dedicated raiders.


DK - Frost w/ Blood offspec (medium)
Druid - Resto/Boomkin (high)
Mage - Arcane/Fire (high)
Pally - Holy (low)


We are currently 7/12 with our core team. We have a few pugs that raid with us on a relatively regular basis but they just can't make it to all of our raids.


BoT - 3/4
BWD - 3/6
ToT4W - 1/2


ICC 10 H - 11/12 (have drakes)
RS 10 Complete

Raid Times:

Wednesday and Monday (progression days) - 11:00am - 2:30pm est time
Friday (fun run) - 11:00am - 2:30pm est time



Game Contacts:

Shamarific (GM), Phoebei (Co-GM), Priesté (Co-GM)


-Must be raid aware
-Be willing to wipe and get back to pull in a hurry
-Have good internet connection
-Be motivated
-Know your role/class well
-Be geared, enchanted and proper gems

How to apply:

If you are a serious raider that wants to have fun while doing please go to http://bloody-rage.wowstead.com/ to apply. You may also contact one of our in-game contact points. Going to the website to apply is always recommended first.