View Full Version : US [H] Detheroc <S E V E N> 7/13HM 25M Recruiting

04-12-2011, 08:07 AM

Current Needs
Tank: Low
Melee DPS: Medium
Range DPS: High
Healers: Low

Exceptional players are always welcome to apply.

Guild Overview
S E V E N has been a raiding guild on Detheroc since vanilla and has created a strong community in this time. Our members are working adults and college students that enjoy tackling the most difficult content available. We use a DKP loot system and have a thirty day applicant trial period.

Raiding Schedule
Sunday - Thursday 8:30PM-11:00PM Central Time. Raids may occasionally go 15-30 minutes late on progression nights but we understand real life comes first and no one is ever penalized for needing to leave at the scheduled raid end time.

80% raid attendance minimum. Showing up for farm content and avoiding progression content is not what we are looking for. Raiders with most the consistent attendance and performance are guaranteed raid spots.

Mastery of your class. We do not use class officers and expect every raider to do the appropriate research to maximize the potential for you class on a given encounter, both for output and raid utility. We are a community and help each other to achieve this.

Raid awareness. Anyone can stand and spam DPS rotations or spam heal. We expect raiders to be aware of the environment for a given encounter and to make smart decisions for positioning, movement, and use of your class abilities.

Preparation. Raiders are expected to understand encounter mechanics prior to showing up and to understand their given role for a specific encounter. We do provide consumables from time to time, but all raiders are expected to have flasks, food, pots, bandages, etc., for any encounter we decide these are necessary.

For more information on applying and the application process please visit us at http://wow.sevenguild.net