View Full Version : US [A]-PvE-CST-Eitrigg Law and Order - LFM 2nd Raiding Group

04-11-2011, 08:32 AM
Law and Order is recruiting raiders for a 2nd 10man group. We are looking for all classes but focusing on healers / tanks who can perform other roles as well.

Our current raiding schedule is:
Sun/Mon/Thurs - 6pm server to 8pm server.

Law and Order uses a paid to raid philosophy and socializes raiding. We offer:
1. Paid Enchants / Gems / Flasks / Raid food
2. BoE gear rewards

We are looking for the following:
1. Adult like players who are sociable , ie just dont show up to raid then never see you again
2. Multiple toon players with viable raiding specs / gear levels
3. Knowledgeable about your class / spec
4. able to use Vent / proper raiding addons installed
5. able to show up on t ime and commit to a schedule

We also run older content for guild achievements and work on heroic achievements on all off raiding nite.

Sounds interesting?? Please contact an LAO member ingame to see if either Lineshot or Enthalpy is available or apply at http://lao.guildportal.com