View Full Version : US [H] <Blackguards> 12/12. 25s - Tue/Wed 9pm -- LF Tank plus

04-08-2011, 08:53 PM
<Blackguards> is selectively recruiting for a couple spots.

We raid 25s on Tuesday & Wednesday 9:00pm to 11:59pm Server. Good for West Coast folks and late nighters. We look for 60%+ attendance. Additionally we raid 10s on Thursday and throughout the week depending on interest.

Especially looking for:

1 Tank (dps OS preferred) -- DK preferred but will consider others
1 Healer (PAlly preferred but will consider others)
1-2 high dps / geared raider (full on warlocks, mages and hunters)

good raiders, fun people. 2+ nights of attendance plz. Other excellent/fun players also welcome to app.

Current Success:
Algaloth plus 12/12. Halfus, Valiona, Omnotron, Magmaw, Atramedes, Maloriak, Chimaeron, Conclave, Al'Akir, Ascendant council, and Cho'gall AND Nef

ICC 10: 12 bosses down - 11/12 HARD MODES- drakes
ICC 25: 12 regular and 9/12 HARD MODE bosses down - LK dead!!

We are not your typical raid guild. Comprised of smart, friendly and mature individuals with a life outside of WoW, we strive to to see end game content (including hard modes), but to do it on our terms.

-No DKP (we've been using loot council since before it was cool)

-Raiding Smarter, not Harder or Longer

-Without mouth breathers, neckbeards and whatever other unpleasant individuals that some guilds carry on their roster "Because we need his DPS" or "We need a tank".

For more info (loot rules, guild charter, etc) or to apply please go to: www.blackguards.us (http://www.blackguards.us)

or /w Straif, Apocalypt, Stompyomouf, Colaran, Windstone, Duhhm, Goreshade or anyone else in guild

17+ and over please. We are a mature guild and we mean it.