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04-06-2011, 06:11 PM
<Catalyst> of US-Hyjal Horde


Raid Times:
Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 7:00-10:30pm Server [PST]

Loot Rules:
Catalyst runs EPGP with an eye to raid progression as a whole. RAID LOOT, not my loot or your loot.

Cataclysm Progression:
12/12 Normal Tier 11 [25&10]
3/13 Heroic Tier 11 [25] (Just Killed Heroic Magmaw 4/7)

Current Recruitment Needs:

Ranged DPS

Melee DPS (no dks)

Healers (no druids)

We are always looking for exceptional members.

About Us:
Catalyst was formed in April of 2008 on Hyjal. Most of the original members were transfers from two "casual raiding" guilds that wished to take raiding more seriously. The guild leadership has been raiding together for well over a year and many members have a long history together. Our primary focus is 25-man raids and our expectation is the completion of all significant "hard mode" achievements.

This still stands true, after 3 full years of running. We have had Illidan down pre-3.0, OS3D 10 and 25 done back in February(that's pre-Ulduar for you zergers), completed all Wrath content including 11/12 HM ICC10 and 25, Alone in the Darkness 10/25, ToGC10/25 and many Rusted, Iron and Plagued Protos and Frostbrood 10/25 mounts, but things change, people move on, and after the dust settles the guild remains. So, it's time to bring in new players, create new goals and move forward.

The core of Catalyst remains people that enjoy raiding, seeing new content and killing lore characters. We play to raid. This isn’t to say that we don’t have alts, mounts and pet collections or Death Knights with awesome Tier 0 sets or crazy level one twinks. It's a fun game and we enjoy all aspects of it.

What you can expect:
A fun guild environment
Bad jokes
More players like you
Flask provided
Repairs for Members

What we expect:
Able to make raid attendance
A Working Ventrilo
Doing the homework: watching videos, reading strats, coming prepared, updated addons, etc

We expect you to be geared for the appropriate content. We're not going to post some gearscore number from some random site or addon and expect you to meet that. Your gear must allow you to do your job in a raid environment. If you're going OOM, there's issues. If you're getting gibbed by raid damage, there's issues.

Apply if:
- You're good at video games and you know it.
- You can follow directions.
- You're excited and motivated to conquer raid dungeons.

Don't apply if:
- You have horrible social skills.
- You're not reliable and going to flake on us.
- You can't support your own raiding costs. (*enchants, repairs and flasks for raiding are currently supplied in the guild)
- You don't have a dependable computer and internet connection.

If this sounds appealing, drop an application at http://catalysthyjal.guildlaunch.com

If you have any questions feel free to contact Steaküms (that's Alt+129), Charduhdin, Wheezer, Turvie, Gweynn or Navlevar in game.