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04-01-2011, 03:10 PM

This week:

Are Shaman useless now?
Is Cataclysm leveling too easy?
How can I keep my guild from becoming just a stepping stone for other guilds?
How can I get into raiding in the first place?
and more!

04-01-2011, 03:56 PM
Thanks for the insight, Lore. I think one of the main issues is just making sure we have a solid interview system in place for getting new members. When you started talking about why they left their guild, it suddenly started making sense. Another point you brought up was the guild community. My self as well as the officers need to put forth more effort doing things outside of raids. Our attention has been split with Shogun2 coming out so we haven't been online as much as we were say few months ago. Hopefully we can get back on track and keep working out way up. :D


04-01-2011, 04:00 PM
Couple more suggestions for the player with only one arm:

I've always used my mouse to move around in WoW. This setup may work for him:

Middle-Click = Toggle Auto-run
Right-Click (Hold) = Aiming where I'm auto-running (this is the default functionality)
Side button 1 = Strafe Left
Side button 2 = Strafe Right

His side buttons are probably better used for healing binds though, which leads into my next suggestion: foot pedals.

Get 2-5 pedals and bind them to Strafe Left, Strafe Right, Forward, etc. You can even get an extra pedal and bind it to his Push-To-Talk key so he can talk, move and heal all at once.

Hope this helps!


04-01-2011, 07:38 PM
To the person who was healling with one hand. I literally had a nightmare about this the other night. I had to ask myself the question you are asking yourself right now as a player. So at this time I was really thinking about this very topic. The thing you must always remember, and what Lore hinted at was spot on, A. you still have one hand. The more you are able to do with that hand, is going to help you. B. If I suddenly found myself in this position, I would do everything I could to utilize my feet. One would be for a ventrilo footpedal I have been thinking about buying anyway. The other would be some type of user interface / hardware interface alterations that would progressively allow me to play with a hand that is very mouse / keypad insensive, and my feet.

Basically what I am saying is, continue to try and find better ways to interact with the game, your determination and an open mind is the only limit to this. I'll bet you can heal better with one hand in of itself already, than half of the people I run in to each night in random dungeons. There are some interesting gaming keypads out there right now, some of them have trackballs build in to them, large buttons, all sorts of things. At this point, I would send some emails to some of the companies that deal specifically in gaming peripherials.
Explain this to them, and ask them questions. They might even work with you on customizing to specific wants and needs. Tell them, I need to hit more buttons, I need to hit buttons that I am able to press as a player.

also, I have a video on youtube that you need to see. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62wj8eJ0FHw

Hope any of this can be of help to you healer friend. Keep healing. We keep the raid alive, without us all is lost.

04-01-2011, 10:15 PM
Weekly Marmot about being a good raider "11 The Weekly Marmot -- Raid Leading #3" at http://www.tankspot.com/premium.php
The video from YouTube seems to be not available anymore http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k62I8scwSIg&playnext=1&list=PL3272C26F72599B47

Great show Lore and have fun travelling
Bosses will keep killing us as usual but we'll be fine :)

04-01-2011, 10:36 PM
My hunter's 2v2 partner is a restoration/elemental/enhancement Shaman who is for lack of a better word amazing. Don't forget "Healing Rain" and if there is some reason that Blessing of Might available, mana spring it up (derp MANA TIDE) just because it isn't incredibly overpowered with spirit trinkets anymore. As I was leveling through early cataclysm content, BRC was tanked Beauty onward (regular) by an Enhancement Shaman. How awesome of a ranged interrupt is Wind Shear? As a hunter I sure do appreciate when there is a glyphed Healing Stream totem around, Aspect of the Wild is almost as painful as pre-4.0 Viper. But nature resist for nefarian and chimaeron isn't quite optional. The range of raidbuffs and debuffs I can bring as a hunter is exceeded only by the sheer versatility of totem swapping. It just seems that in this tier, mail classes are higher skill cap for optimal usefulness than they were in the last expansion.

@leveling: For crying out loud, mining, herbalism, and archaeology harvesting gives experience now. My 3rd 85 I just dinged went from mid 80-81 to 84 ish off mining ore to prospect and my JC dailies.

@less than ideal digits: Taking a page from early Nintendo Power article about a competitive NES player with no arms. He simply placed his controller on the ground and played barefoot. Similar use could be done with a large-scale keypad or even a "Visually Impairment" designed keyboard. Toes are less dextrous for most people but can increase usefulness with practice.

@double guild memberships: During ICC I raided in one guild on my hunter from 6st-9st with one guild, and on my discipline priest from 9st-midnight. Only difficulty I began running into was earlier invite time shift with the 2nd raid time leading to frequent choices of missing a final pull or worse in 1st guild, and having a pug in my raid spot by finishing out the 1st guild's raid times. This was despite pre-raid preparedness to the extent of logging out at the instance's entrance with my priest, repaired, full consumables, from invite to zone-in was 15-20 seconds at most.

@alts raiding progression. In many cases, if I don't tell someone my priest is an alt, they don't know he isn't my primary focus. Alts that outplay mains in worse gear is far from unusual. I know several players who, once reaching certain 'plateau' of skill on their main of choice, invest a fair bit of time in learning a second class, and on priniciple, if I play a character, I aim to excel. Why settle for being less than incredible if its no more of a challenge than my original character.

@happy to raid once again. After what seems and endless progression of false hope of a good fit in a raid guild I hit jackpot. Despite relative newcomer status to the raid team, my opinion is respected. My class lead is often suggested by the raid leader to follow certain actions. Although the guild temporarily faded away during the Wrath expansion (they didn't feel it was challenging or engaging enough) Cataclysm has a good portion of their original raid core to return. Despite these years of past history, there is no "old boys club" factor in the slightest. Astonishingly enough, we have nearly downed the last two heroic bosses we've attempted we came within minor adjustments of a kill. 2nd night of attempts for heroic halfus saw a guild first heroic kill in 4 attempts. Our first night on heroic chimaeron saw several Mortality phases and a painfully futile ~6-7% wipe due to rebirth cooldowns across the board and 2 of the lead DPS being dead almost the entire fight. Mistakes are dealt with maturely and easily forgiven. The only 2 seemingly unforgivable sins seem to be a) signing up and no show on raid night, or b) habitual lack of improvement combined with lack of effort. When we had large vacant spots this thursday we filled from our 'casual' and 'friend&family' members and 23 manned normal chimaeron, atramedes, and maloriak. Despite inexperienced filler and being short-handed we rapidly cleared all three encounters which was very exciting to one raider's significant other in particular, and re-kindled the passion in her to get "kingslayer" before cataclysm at any cost*. Never before seen such a perfect blend of witty, intelligent(slightly sarcastic) raiders who are caring, helpful, and outplay all expectation. Finally the true "hanging with my friends killing dragons" reference is manifest. Transparently honest "silent bid+1" dkp loot system that almost is as rewarding to be on standby as to down the bosses, and unique on server as far as I know, 300g daily repairs for lowest raider ranks as well as unlimited guild maelstrom crystals for BiS enchants on even non-best in slot 359 pieces, as long as it is an epic. I believe even an item such as a Vicious weapon is eligible for a free Power Torrent or Landslide. 12 raid-hours a week of flasking and feasts for a "suggested" donation of 4 flasks. Summary, we kick back, crack jokes, relax and just watch the purples roll in. Not really slacking either, this week our destro warlock ranked I believe 11th on 25 N Maloriak. One of the best features is the experience and versatility among the raiderbase as well, most DPS have tanked progression content at some point, and/or healed, healers are skilled DPS/tank on alts et cetera. For the first time in raiding experience, improvement oriented suggestions are championed by leadership. I commented that in a crisis situation, I could switch to a tenacity pet and intervene a doubleattack on H chim to save a break-stacked tank death on a push. This earned me a "That is why I love that hunter" from one of our veteran MT. Response from healer role lead, "I love him because he bandages and uses his damage reduction (Glyph of Raptor Strike: 20% reduced damage for 5s after cast) every single feud." I like to live, when healing I like to focus on raiders who make my job easier, but I'd never been around other players in a guild setting that the majority opinions were similar. Despite a current theme of "Atonement is a PvP Discipline mechanic" on my priest "alt" with an atonement build and sub 340 ilevel was 4/6 heals on 25 BH over the shield/Gheal disc and a Holy priest, both raid geared mainspec players. The only priest that outhealed me was another atonement discipline who had raided with me last tier and was testing out my claim. After the boss kill across vent is heard, "Damn, nice healing Kem!" from the GM and Raid lead. No sight of the typical raider ego, elitism or any such nonsense. If one of my new guildies is outplayed in their role or class, they are eager to learn and master whatever it was that the other player used to better them. Before any of you respond, "But all you are describing is a proper raiding guild, what is the big fuss?" bear in mind that on my server horde side, progression is in direct proportion to at a minimum of snobbery if not outright disdain for less progressed players.

edit: apology for massive wall of text crit, finally finding what feels like truly MY guild, that I can state with conviction, "I am in the best guild ever." Imo, if you can't stand behind a comment of that nature, maybe look for another guild or a way to carve your niche out in the one you are in already.

*;(3 hours pre-launch, 'rented' 8 other raiders from a guild, I priested it up and the only deaths were the first attempt where I needed to dispel a shaman and instead dispelled the other shaman with a similar name. 10/10 raiders alive for the fury of frostmourne rp so i hestitate to call the kill a "carry")

04-01-2011, 11:13 PM
ok this is my first post ever on this site and its b/c of my fellow buddie with one arm :) ok well im not sure how you lost your arm but i personally was born this way yup it happens. through my life i have always been able to find ways to do things with one arm ex tie my shoes and so on and so... i was nasty at ps1 mortal combate so much that no one wanted to fight me as im sure you have found out people dont like losing to some one they feel they are better than :).. ok now let get in to how i play this game and what kinda modes i use to heal my main is a holy pali and i am one of my raids main healers we at 10/12 right now in cata and ya being able to move is really important but so isent healing. ok so the mouse i use is the sandio 3d gaming mouse u should look it up so alot of what im about to say will make since. this mouse has 3 thumbsticks sorta like a ps2 controllor so when i put my one hand on this mouse i am using all 5 fingures not just 2 the joy stick that my thumb is on contolls turning right and left as well as shift and alt the joystick for my middle finger takes care of forword and back aswell as ctrl and keybord button 5 the joystic that my pinky is working is bound it Q and E witch are strafe as well as jumb and target and the two exta bottons for my thumb i use vent for one and the other is cleanse. i know this might seem to be alot but its really is all just muscle memory and haveing one hand you have learnd this fact of life already. now the healing addon i use helps out alot ya healbot is ok sure grid gets the job done but vudo stands above eather of these two these addons in the way you can sort your groups as well as add extra pannels to your screen another kewl thing is the hostel function of vuhdo i have targets of targets turned on for my tank pannel and with the hostel function of vuhdo i have my judgment set up so i can spam it on cd with out ever having to move my mouse very far from my tanks, now you can put all your hostal spells in here, now you might have noticed that i have alot of modifer keys such as Ctrl Alt and Shift on my mouse with with doing so i am able to set focus as well as target, all my hands spells, lay on hands, so on and so on...... i have alot going on that im doing with one hand but dont have to move my mouse any farther than any other healer has to to do the same job and really i find it easyer to be a healer than say a dps or a tank cuz really the only right way to be a healer is a click healer and the right way to dps and tank is to have a set rotation on keybinds and that just something with one hand you cant do but you can click and move with the sandio 3d gaming mouse like a pro once i had masterd moving with my thumb and pinky and clicking with my index and ring fingers its all seemed semless to me all the time wasted moving the mouse to a new spell to cast and what not was gone

i hope this helps man i know i had to spend many house thinking about how i was going to do all that would be expected of me as a end game raider and ever have i ever gotten " well he dose ony have one arm" excuse i even pvp a bit and having one arm is not anything that will take away from some one situational awareness ( the most important thing in wow and something no one can teach)

good luck

04-02-2011, 07:14 AM
I have a RL friend that plays WOW and was born with only one arm as well. He is an awesome Pally Tank/DPS.
The one thing different form the others that posted is HE DOES NOT USE A MOUSE AT ALL!
All his movements and primary attacks are bound to the number pad. With many self-made macro's bound to keybinds.

Now being a healer myself it is hard to imagine not using a mouse, but with healbot you can bind your primary click heals to 3 buttons and with a nouse like lore suggested you emergency heals to optional buttons and still move normaly.

04-02-2011, 04:54 PM
Just want to say thanks for all the great pst and Marmot episodes!
After viewing this episode I was thinking on a great way for a person to heal with one arm. I know a few people who use mouse over macros and love them. You can use them on any healing UI (healbot,grid, wow UI, etc..).
If you are using the Razor Naga you have 12 buttons on the side of the mouse, 2 buttons on the top left, and your normal left, mid, and right. If you have the time to set it up this would be a great way to play one handed.
1-12 can be your spell bar with your mouse over macros, the top left can be auto run and your vent/mumble bind, and your left, mid, and right could be the normal settings. This will speed up your healing as well as keeping everything at a finger move away.
Best of luck

04-02-2011, 04:56 PM
USB Foot Pedals: http://www.kinesis-ergo.com/fs-savant-elite.htm

As for leveling speed: The time commitment to get to 85 has been reduced. (You can get to 85 sooner than getting to 60 in Vanilla.) There is a good reason for reducing the time commitment as well, which is: People want to play with their friends. This means that they need to reach the level cap ASAP. A level difference is a barrier to playing with your friends. This is the singular most serious downside of a level based game system such as WoW, or EQ, or just about every other MMORPG out there. Reducing the time commitment to 85 is Blizzard's effort to mitigate this downside.

04-03-2011, 03:39 PM
i am a res/ele shaman and i real hate it when i see player thas make joke for shaman and the are saying thas we are bad!!!!!
there are some mage's the think "why to have shaman get my in my hero it is better then the shaman hero and i can make very better dps then will can"(i am allince shaman this is why i say hero and not bl or how ever it is call)
shaman are not thas bad we just have some weak cd thas the can be usefull but not very powerfull
(sorry for my eng are bad)

04-04-2011, 03:00 AM
It took me just over a week(4 1/2 days /played time) to get my new paladin from 1 to 85. I was running heroics that very same day(granted with friends who helped carry me through the first bunch) but I geared up amazingly fast.

Edit: also I was amused to hear Lore address recruitment from two different points of view: from the PoV of the mid tier guild trying to avoid the plague that is guild-hoppers, to the new player who wants to get into a high tier guild, to whom Lore recommended guild-hopping as a viable method of personal progression!

04-04-2011, 01:56 PM
Guild hopping is a fact of life, it's just how it goes. It happens in every facet of life, be it sports, careers, what-have-you.

Also those foot pedals are pretty rad ... I may pick one up myself honestly just for every little advantage.

04-04-2011, 02:08 PM
Lore, you play with your pinky A LOT. I don't know why I noticed it in this particular video, but hey.

Re: Shaman. It is true that you shouldn't need an unique buff in order to get picked for raids, but the reason why the "Well, a shaman brings Heroism so why bring a mage?" counter-argument doesn't work is because mages deal way better DPS (on average) than shaman do. Both Enh and Ele deal horrid AoE damage as well, which becomes a liability on quite a few Cataclysm raid fights. Healing-wise, it's the same issue: don't forget that shaman healers just recently got a 15% across-the-board buff to their healing, they currently have no raid healing cooldown, and outside of one specific fight their mastery is pretty fail comparatively. After 4.1, things will get much better, of course.

04-04-2011, 09:44 PM
I have a shaman healer, and I have received no complaints on my healing capabilities. I may get one or two wieners at first but after they can see what I can do they get vary quiet. ^-^

04-07-2011, 11:39 PM
someone said somehting about footpeddles but is a big scary wall of text needs to go a bit further i thnk
to person with one arm a few things
razer naga and foot peddles
fyi the wow footpeddle sux i got one it dont works i would reccomend lookiing into other ones
maybe get 2 peddles 1 for each foot
could have one walk forward and another strafe to the right or somehting and useyour mouse for camera
razer naga lets u not have to use click to cast just make a (cast [target=mouseover] SPELL) macro for all of your heals/friendly target spells

hope this helps