View Full Version : Warrior Need help figuring out DPS drop

03-31-2011, 12:34 PM
I lost about 3k dps from 1 week to the next after I got what I thought were a couple upgrades.
First week
Second week

Here is my current gear http://chardev.org/?profile=90041 I'd link to the armory but I'm logged out in my tank gear.

Between the weeks I changed feet from Greaves of Wu the Elder to Heroic Massacre Treads and trinket Right Eye of Rajh to License to Slay. I drop a little crit in the change but I thought the str increase would more than make up for it.

The only big difference I can see between the logs is crit % leading to more deep wounds up time in the first week. Did I just get unlucky RNG after my upgrades or am I missing something?

03-31-2011, 12:42 PM
Crits, crits, crits, crit.

Looks like last week you were a lot luckier.

Last week:
BT 56 hits, 33 crits compared to BT 59 hit, 25 crits
Melee 116 hits, 48 crits compared to Melee 124 hits, 41 crits
RB 27 hits, 13 crits compared to RB 28 hit 8 crits
HS 33 hits, 14 crits compared to HS 25 hits, 11 crits
Execute 9 hit, 5 crits compared to Execute 12 hit, 3 crits
RB OH 26 hit, 14 crits compared to RB OH - 28 hits, 8 crits
Slam 10 hit, 2 crits (that seems low?) compared to Slam 8, 2 crits (again, seems low)

Deep wounds had a higher uptime last week
Flurry had a MUCH higher uptime last week

Between the logs you linked, thats what I see