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03-31-2011, 11:18 AM
Alright here i go

just got back into wow on the 17th of March Yee me, i hit level 85 and trying to gear up...i'm currently farming heroics and trying to build up Rep so i can get my head slot enchanted

I wanted to know any suggestions on what i can do to improve my DPS through rotation gear spec..

Alot of folks are telling me to switch specs because I'm always told Marks or bust, but with the new Pet variables (especially BM hunters) It seems like such a waste then just going wolf

Example of this would be
(Oh we have 3 rogues in our raid, bring a Hyena to increase their bleed damage on bosses)

(We have no mages or shamans, Go grab your corehound so we have Bloodlust)
(Oh well we need a third tank...Go grab your beetle pet to off tank that add)
(We have no warrior or rogue bring that worm pet to lower the Enemies Armour)

Things like that.

I'm also trying to set up a good UI for my Hunter specifically my hunter.. any advise..

FYI here my armoury

04-01-2011, 12:33 AM
from what i hear, the 3 hunter specs are pretty much in line with each other now so its pretty much a matter of playstyle

i've levelled BM and have stuck with it ever since so can only comment on that

for BM, your priority shot is the kill command so you will want to keep focus available for that when it comes off cd. arcane shot is your filler shots with cobra shot used to refresh serpent sting dots and to regen focus.

talents wise you and i are pretty much the same except that i only have 1 point in spirit bond and another point in imp mend pet for the auto cleansing

glyphs - i would recommend using arcane shot since that is your filler shot, kill command since thats your main ability and kill shot since you don't use steady shot at all once you have access to cobra shot

pets wise is when you have a lot of fun - my current pets are:
1) dino - 5% crit and mortal strike
2) core hound - mainly for hero if we dont have it (a pain to use though coz pet's hero is tied to it's gcd as well -_-)
3) spirit beast - coz he's awesome looking!
4) whatever pet is required to fill in missing debuffs/buffs
5) empty slot coz u never know when that rare beast will spawn

there is a site i've found that lists what buffs/debuffs your pets have and which class/spec will overwrite it - can't check it at the moment coz i'm at work

hope this helps a little