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03-31-2011, 10:50 AM
HATED is an end game PvE guild. This means you will be expected to have your gear enchanted with the best enchants available for each item and all gems properly socketed for PvE. We expect all applicants to have at least heroic gear or better. This shows us your desire to play the game and your ability to take initiative to gear yourself out.

We strictly focus on 25m progression only. We are NOT a 10m guild.
We are ranked #1 as a Horde Guild on Darkspear

We are currently looking for the following:

Protection Warrior
Protection Paladin
Blood DK
Balance Driud
Unholy DK
Fury Warrior
Shadow Priest
Disc Priest
Holy Priest
Demo Lock
Destro Lock
Elemental Shaman

We are always looking to strengthen our core raiders, so if you are skilled, geared and a team player please feel free to apply even if your class isn't listed above.

What we want out of you
An ideal candidate, for our guild, is a mature player who continually seeks to improve his or her character, shows up to raids on time with consumables, is ready and willing to work their way through new 25 man encounters in order to progress and has a good attitude. Ideally you are someone that's interested in getting to know our members and becoming an active member of our guild. We are a very active guild even outside of our scheduled raids.

Application Process
Please be patient once you have put in your application. We have officers who respond to all applicants for each Role in our Raid. Normally someone will respond to your application within 24 hours. Once your application has been responded to on our forums, we will tell you what if anything that needs to be updated and changed with your gear/spec. In order for you to be accepted into your trial run, those things must be fixed prior, unless otherwise stated in your response from an officer. Once accepted into the guild as an initiate, it will take 3 to 5 weeks depending on your "Performance, Attendance, and Attitude", to earn Raider Rank.

Is done by DKP and Rank. Raider > Initiate > Trial > Offspec (Any rank). Our DKP system is an public bid system, in minimum increments of 25 DKP. There is no negative DKP.

Anyone of Raider Rank receives free enchants on items you acquire during our raids. We also provide all of our members inside the raid with flasks and pots at minimal cost usually 60% less then AH.

Our Schedule
<Pacific Standard Time+1 is ST>
Tue 9pm ST to 12am ST
Wed 9pm ST to 12am ST
Thur 9pm ST to 12am ST

Invites start at 8:45 ST. Our raids begin Promptly at 9 ST.

We require 85% attendance rate per month to keep your earned Raider rank. Which means you can only miss 2 raids per month to hold your rank. We only raid 9 hours per week, much less than most raiding guilds, which is why we put this into place.


For more info, feel free to contact any officer in game
Ranged: Dpsftw, Kausion
Melee: Butchone, Ghim
Healers: Tambela, Rozyln
Tanks: Pinkranger
In the unlikely event that no officer is online, feel free to contact any member and we can most likely supply you with the information you seek.

Current Progression:
3/13 Heroic 25m Chogal Jan 20th | Chimeron Jan 26th | Nefarian Feb 2nd | Heroic Halfus Feb 9th
Server First 25m Al'Akir February 15th
Horde First 25m Chogal Normal Jan 20th
Horde First 25m Nefarian Normal Feb 2nd
Horde First 25m Halfus Heroic Feb 9th
Horde First 25m Chimeron Heroic March 1st