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03-30-2011, 04:23 AM
Ainur was started at the release of WoW as a group of friends that grew into a raiding guild to pursue PvE content. Ainur has strived to be top on the server during all past and present expansions. We, as a guild, have cleared a vast majority of content presented to us. We have been the recipients of many server firsts (i.e. Grand Crusader) that give testament to our raiderís caliber.

High quality raiding aside there is an even greater reason to want to become a part of Ainur. When you become a member of our guild you are joining a vibrant community with leadership that is dedicated to providing you with a long lasting and fulfilling gaming experience.

We have always believed that promoting a casual atmosphere and investing heavily into the welfare of our raiders would breed a high caliber guild that pushes progression to its limits...not its members.

What we are looking for from possible applicants:
1. A mature eager player who's willing to work with others toward a common goal in WoW PvE content.
2. A strong history of PvE raiding. While we may be on a decent PvP server, the guild is primarily focused on PvE, and we would expect our raiders to also feel the same way.
3. Ability to be able to attend a minimum of 75% of our raids during progression. Exceptions will of course be made if you have occasional RL commitments or vacations, but if you can't make raids regularly with your normal life's schedule, we may not be the best fit.
4. A stable internet connection, and a computer capable of handling raiding. Also, your UI should reflect thoughtful use of screen space to maximize your playing ability. The ability to connect to ventrilo is important so that you can hear assignments, and being able to speak on vent would be helpful in some circumstances.
5. Knowledge of your class as displayed in the effort you've spent to gear yourself and how your talent points are spent, and the ability to apply that knowledge in playing your class. Combat log parses hosted at WWS, WMO or WoL are highly desirable.

As of recently we are restructuring our raid to better handle the remaining hard modes. Due to these changes we have a small variety of slots open.

druid (balance) medium
druid (restoration) high
druid (feral-dps) low
druid (feral-tank) low
hunter high
mage high
paladin (retribution) med
priest (shadow) med
shaman (restoration) med
warlock high
warrior (protection) medium

Raid Times:

If you are interested in applying, please feel free to head over to our web site:
Click on the Recruitment link and fill out the web form. It will send us an e-mail with your application.

Who to contact:
If you want, you can make a level 1 alt on Tichondrius and whisper me on Fatalia or Ramithorne. If I am not on either of those characters, feel free to /who Ainur and ask if Mendel is online.