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03-25-2011, 05:40 PM
First things first im going to start with copying link to my armory. -- http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/mugthol/wonderbrah/simple

First off my 2 trinkets I have are the JCer stam one and Imp query... What I am and have been attempting to acquire are the finger from 2nd boss in Grim Batol and the Porcelein crab from 3rd boss in Throne of Tides.... For tanking raids are these 2 good to use or am I going to want to be getting pure stam trinkets for raids? They would together boost my unhittable raiting a tremendous amount . When procced id have over 4000 Mastery from Crab. (I am 81.65% base and 81.84% with kings on unhittable)

On to my next question....... Now I havent started any raids yet....... but in heroics I have stopped using WoG almost altogether except if i need a o sh!t im dead heal... In place of it I have been 3 HoPo Inquising all the time unless I have Sacred Duty procced then I use shield of course....... I am pulling over 30k on trash pulls easily and 15k ish on Boss fights doing this with my current gear (not all that great... ilvl 349. Is this what I should be doing in raids also? Its been fun running threw stuff so far and 2nd dps on the list isnt even half of what I am unless I run into a raid geared toon then he gives me a run for my money...... meters dont mean anything I know....... but with the ease of that content it gives it a somewhat fun factor to it for me lol.....

I'm assuming this is what will be the norm for pally tanking once 20s WoG CD comes into effect? Hoping to start on raids here real soon....... Would like to start to get my tier gear to see what tanking really is like!

03-25-2011, 06:29 PM
I use a stamina and a mastery trinket, the epic one from tol'barad is freaking awesome.

Waiting until you are nearly dead before hitting WoG is kinda useless, it is only a 25k heal (50ish if it crits), and a boss swings for about that much, you want to be using it when you notice you are dropping low, but if you are at 10k life you might want to be using lay on hands instead :)

Inquisition is something I use when pulling, or when tanking a large amount of mobs, however this is not the norm...it is worth using on maloriak (adds), halfus (whelps+dragons), basically when you can use HotR and hit three or more mobs with it. I usually just dump HoPo with ShoR or WoG, depending on the situation.

When the 20 sec CD on WoG is introduced you won't be able to use it so liberally as you can now, so it will be worth saving for stuff like nef lightning machine or a dragon breath.

Your gear is better than what I had when we started raiding, but make sure you get the head enchant from earthen ring (revered rep)

03-25-2011, 07:26 PM
I just got my head enchant 5 seconds ago :P