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03-24-2011, 08:06 AM
I have been messing around with a lot of my stats over the past few weeks. I currently have some very good gear but am still hesitant to drop everything for full avoidance. I raid with people who hit upwards of 17-22k depending on the situation. no hit and no exp is currently not really an option. I will post a link to my toon but i would like to say this, I think blizzard needs to get a lil more steady when it comes to tanking stats. Please check out my toon and let me know what you guys think, i'm very curious.

Current Tank Stats/ Unbuffed
146.5k Health
12.27 % Dodge
13.37% Parry
54.04% Block
2.25% hit
23 exp w/ Glyph SoT

As to raids , when i go in im using Elixir of Impossible Accuracy to hit 4.05% hit and a Crocolisk Expertise food to hit 26 to get my expertise up.

Nothing worse than charging in to a raid boss and hearing-CLINK! CLINK! LOL!


03-25-2011, 06:05 AM
I have 0 hit from gear (1% from the Draenei racial) and 8 expertise from gear. I play with DPS who comfortably surpass 17k too. I'm not even close to having threat issues.

Threat is trivialised by Vengeance and a vaguely correct rotation. If you're having threat issues, you're either doing your rotation incorrectly or inefficiently (i.e. not even close to pressing something every 1.5s + latency). You really, really do not need threat stats.

03-25-2011, 10:53 AM
I understand exactly what you are saying, but keep in mind that i have not reforged for hit or exp. I have only glyphed for it. As far as threat goes, i really dont have a problem except for that pesky dps that doesnt want to wait for me to build aggro. I like hit b/c it helps me generate HoPo and with that i have the ability to use WoG (to help the healers) or SotR. As far as expertise goes, im not using it for threat alone but for the fact that im not being parried 12% of the time as opposed to 7%. so in theory im getting hit by a parry less often, which means less dmg also. i agree with the rotation theory but if i have no hit then i'm missing a lot and im not able to generate threat (from special attacks) or HoPo. If you're missing 1/10 attacks and i am missing 1/33 attacks it seems to me that a little hit doesn't hurt. So to each his own and thank you for your critique.

On another note, i am going to take the expertise off of my gloves and wrists and go for dodge and mastery, and see how it goes. thank you, again.

03-25-2011, 11:52 AM
"As far as expertise goes, im not using it for threat alone but for the fact that im not being parried 12% of the time as opposed to 7%. so in theory im getting hit by a parry less often, which means less dmg also."

This has changed. Boss Parry-haste gibbing doesn't exist anymore in Cata. You're not going to get hit more often because you get parried more often.


That being said - how are your enrage timers? If the enrage timers are close, and you have a very good rotation, use of MD by hunters, and tricks by rogues, then Expertise > Hit will help you generate threat leads sooner, allowing DPS to go all out sooner. This is typically the case with early hardmode progression.

If however, you have plenty of time left on the enrage timers, then DPS needs to slow down at the beginning because having you swap survability for threat will just put unnecessary strain on the healers.

Basically, it's all about the margins you're playing with. If you have slim margins and your rotation is good, then exp/hit can be useful. If you have plenty of room, then your raid needs to get better by slowing down at the beginning.

03-25-2011, 01:01 PM
Thank you for the information on the parry-haste stat, i was not aware of that. As to the enrage timers we are usually not to close to that but it does depend on the group. Right now we have to usually pug out 3-5 spots b/c our raid team is in a transition and DPS that hear the phrase" Please go easy on threat at the start" is basically in one ear and out the other. Bieng that i do a lot of PUGS, i find that most DPS are too concerned about watching recount as they raid, then making healers and tanks lives easier. Dont get me wrong i love good dps and i can give you an example. I have a feral druid on my raid team that pulls 22k dps easily on boss fights and i cant remember the last time he pulled off of me, but then i get a Mage PUG in the raid that pulls 14k and he pulls off all the time. This is what i have to deal with and that is why i am looking at using expertise and a small amount of hit. On another note, lol, nothing worse then throwing your shield out and before it hits you have 3 dps already exploding on the mob before it even gets to you! LMAO!

That being said, once we get a set team i will drop any extra expertise( which is mostly from my glyph) for more avoidance. Thank you again for your advice and tips!!