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Neo Angelus
03-23-2011, 06:21 AM
Greetings everyone,

[Introduction, situation sketch](question starts at the next bold line)
I've just started as a Draenei [Protection] Paladin. (I'm still level 6, but I want to tank.)

I've got two professions Mining and Blacksmithing. (resp. 120 and 75)

This is my second character and I really want to start correct with this one. (I started my first Balance Druid a few months ago and didn't really start to understand it before I had hit 80.) This time I [want to] start early with the dungeons and have a more crucial role in them. (instead of being 1 out of the 3 DPS)

Now I've been reading up on several articles, but I feel completely lost. I feel this is because I have:
1. No experience playing a protection paladin, so everything is very theoretical
2. Most reading material focuses on lvl85 gear/stats(mastery is of no importance at low levels)
3. There seem to be quite a few changes in cat, and not all reading materials has adapted.

I'm always accompanied (dungeons and outside) by my friend with a Holy Priest(same lvl) and alchemy for healing and elixirs. (Our two other characters have Tailoring/Enchanting/Jewelcrafting at ~525 so they can provide support.)

[Question 1]
When I get/make new pieces of armour at lower levels (like at lvl15 when I start dungeons), what [quick/simple] stat priority should I remember to decide needing/equipping armour?

For now I would think: Armor/Sta > Str/Hit > Dodge/Parry > Expertise

And I want to stop with Hit when I get 8% Hit right?
(And enchants focusing Sta/Str?)

[Question 2]
Do you guys have any general advice for practice, help or add-ons?

I don't really know how to practice the tanking without letting other players depend on me from the start. It would be great to be able to practice it in a `safe' environment. (Or rather, a situation where others don't `depend' on me.)

[Question 3]
What is the best way to evaluate my performance?

Are `situations' and `outcome' the best way? Or are there things that can help? (I used recount on my Balance Druid to see the `actual' data of my DPS and improved my DPS quite a lot with that data.)

My apologies for the long post. I've got quite a few questions and wanted to make it as clear as possible.

Thank you in advance for reading!

p.s. Sorry if this is a topic, which already exists, but I couldn't find something really similar, without having a focus on 80+ gear.

03-23-2011, 02:49 PM
You can't make any hit/exp caps for a very long time and you should worry more about just leveling. Besides that the trend is to not cap hit/exp unless you are on interrupts anyways.. I never wanted to do dungeons at lower levels and I didn't gem/reforge until beyond level 60. As a protection paladin you will be level 85 in 2 months tops anyway..

They have changed how armor and hit/exp work since most of us have leveled but just by quick estimation I would say hit/exp are worthless to you but they are your best worst stats. You want Strength and Stamina on everything of course with Mastery being our best stat.. STR/STM with Mastery and Dodge or Parry is a straight up tanking piece of armor. A lot of the time you end up with HIT/EXP as a secondary stat I think I would go for hit if given a choice.

Practice: Have your healer drag 5 mobs at once during questing and pull them off him..
Addons short list: Carbonite, DBM, GTFO, Ardent Defender, Clique
(Clique is for my hover over click taunts such as Righteous Defense)

3. You need your friends to discuss things with.

Neo Angelus
03-23-2011, 03:45 PM
Thank you very much for your response. I kind of like the dungeons, but it is true, I'll probably get to 85 faster. Still I want to practice running some low-level dungeon first, before I start with the new ones. (And the leveling makes putting to much effort into armour quite pointless. (Not pointless just a small window of use.))

Ok, thank you, that makes deciding about low level equipment very easy, since there is no mastery.

So I'll just go for the STR/STM and if there are extra stats Dodge/Parry>Hit>Exp.

That's a very good idea. Thank you. And if she's constantly healing me it will be harder to manage too.

Addons: Great! I only have DBM. Especially the last three sound great and I'm going try them out right away!

So just try-discuss. That should work. Especially since I'm always with the Priest. I'll see if some of my other friends have characters in the same level-range.

Again thank you for your response. I feel less confused now. (Not really less confused, more like confident to do `right'.)

03-23-2011, 03:49 PM
You're welcome. There are some really good Pally tanks here on Tankspot all of them are cool too so please keep us updated. I am sorry I have Mastery so deeply in my head that I forgot it isn't on early gear lol

Neo Angelus
03-23-2011, 04:30 PM
Thank you. Will do! I'm sure there will be more to ask!:D

I haven't got `Righteous Fury' yet, so this might be a...presumptuous(is that the correct word) question, but is it bad manners to mark an enemy to attack for the other players?

Because getting the mob together and on me, is going ok for now. (Getting them with Avenger's Shield, hitting those left with Judgment.) But when the Priest focuses attacks on someone else I have to notice and switch before they go after the Priest. Now this is not really a problem, because I can always see which one the Priest is targeting and for healing I've hit them enough, but I imagine with three DPS it gets hard to keep track of who's attacking who switching/dividing my attacks. (I do understand that's my job and fully commit to that, just wondering if it was something that is frowned upon.)

03-23-2011, 04:40 PM
Some very good advice. Also make sure to only get the highest lvl gear you can get i.e. mail until 40 and then plate from then on, granted people will roll against you due people leveling and will take anything and everything (specially hunters....always the damn hunters, i should know i play one).

Some other add-ons that i use on my warrior tank is Tidy Plates (they change color based on distance and your threat level on them) and another good one i use is Wakespams, it calls out any cooldowns you have and will state when you interrupt someone (the interrupt can be turned off if it gets spammy but its nice for in guild dungeon/raids to better coordinate interrupts)

03-23-2011, 04:42 PM
and to answer you new one, NO. Most people will be asking why are you marking, but if you understand that you can't keep everything on you and that they can't attack something with a skull on it, then by all means i would let them die for their stupidity, unless its the healer...i like to live

03-23-2011, 04:43 PM
Not bad manners at all. In fact, a lot of people feel that is one of the tank's responsibilities... marking the kill targets, cc targets, and spelling out the kill order. It lets the group know which mobs you will be focusing on first and, if they pull agro off of a non marked target while skull is still up, that's a good indicator.

I'm not the type of person who feels that it is the tank's responsibility to do the marking, but I am more used to tanks marking than dps or healers marking. Tanks generally have an idea (or will soon) of how they are planning on pulling the next group, whether it be with line of sight, charging in, cc pulling, etc... if the tanks don't mark it or communicate this to the marker, how is the rest of the group to know what to expect? Sometimes the tank is just too new and doesn't know the instances and/or pulls yet, but a dps does. That dps can mark for the tank and give the tank somewhat of an idea on how to pull just looking at the marked kill order.

Ultimately, it's the tank's job to hold the mobs on him. Whatever aids you in completing that task, feel free to it. Tanks are even justified in asking the dps to hold off for a few seconds so that the tank can make sure he has agro on them before they go "balls to the wall".

Neo Angelus
03-24-2011, 01:56 AM
Again thank you for all the advice!

I was already looking forward to hit the level where I can wear plate. I'm keeping my profession ahead of my level. (I can forge a lot of things and hit the cap before I can wear/upgrade profession.) So thank you, the moment I hit the level, I will equip what I forged and go for all plate.

Tidy Plates sound like a good way to keep track of the threat on those I've not selected. (I'll add the thread plug in.) The other one might overlap with Argent Defender, but I'll be sure to check them both out when I return!

And I'm glad to hear it is OK to mark targets for focus. I was usually the one marking CC in Cat, so I should be alright with marking the kill too. And I'm glad to hear I have so much `freedom', for I do feel that is my job to keep threat given any circumstance.

Again thank you for the information, answers and the new add ons! Now I'm all excited to hit 15 tonight and try them out in a `real' situation.

Neo Angelus
03-29-2011, 02:55 PM
Greetings again!

I've been tanking for the past few nights. (3 Nights of 3-4 dungeons, now level 39.)

And I've come to the point where I can choose for [Shield of the Righteous]. First I chose [Grand Crusader], because I'm a bit `scared' of [Shield of the Righteous].

For now I've pretty much healed myself, a few big pulls in new dungeons were a bit much, but apart from that the constant [Word of Glory] keeps my health up. (I just tell the priest to DPS along.) I'm kind of happy that I can keep myself alive, so I don't really know if it is a good idea to use my Holy Power for attack in stead of healing?

Somewhere I think it is. Should I heal myself this much or should I leave that to the Priest? I do feel a bit lacking in the DPS department. Usually I am the overall damage #1, but counting DPS it is usually #2-3. (Recount)

(p.s. Greatest improvement for now was mapping [Crusader Strike] and [Hammer of the Righteous] to the same key, but with <Alt> as modifier. Since then it is a lot easier to switch between group and single.)

03-29-2011, 07:03 PM
Truthfully until you get to about level 50 or higher you won't be doing any "real" tanking and even then I would say not until somewhere in the 70s.
At lower levels the tank is usually running around like a mad man trying to get aggro on everything, with the DPS (especially ones in full heirloom gear) being super high on the threat.
Being a Paladin does put you at a big advantage since imo the Paladin is one of the best AoE tanks atm despite all the doom and gloom everyone was crying about with the cata changes to the classes.

03-30-2011, 07:47 AM
The changes that the expansions bring are rather fun, I always consider them a challenge to overcome...Whilst my pally has settled down by the fire for a pint and a pie he is still one of the most fun tanks I have played.

The self healing practice will come in handy in heroics and once you get higher there is a talent that will basically refund the holy power used on WoG...I always used the refund to batter that mob with my shield.....great fun.

AoE tanking is what Paladin's excel at and at low levels you will find that you are pulling groups and holdng them easily but i would also mix that with cc to get used to precision in tanking for later.

But most of all have a damn good time!