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03-21-2011, 09:48 AM
I'm trying out mastery stacking, i currently reforged my dodge to mastery and regemmed mastery.

I have 149k unbuffed health, 50% chance to block, 10.20% to dodge, 12.44% to parry, 36088 armor and 26 expertise.


any thoughts or suggestions on gear?
don't mention my talents at the moment, i respec'd temporarily to try out a maloriak add kite spec haha.

03-21-2011, 11:06 AM
1. If you're not doing heroics you have way too much expertise. DPS needs to throttle a little at the beginning of the fight, but by the time vengence stacks the expertise is all but useless.

2. Gemming - you seem to be only gemming for stamina bonuses. For normal mode content the bonuses are worth gemming for:

Yellow/Prismatic = Pure Mastery
Blue = Mastery/Stamina
Red = Parry/Mastery

3. Reforging - you've reforged high dodge/parry to mastery when the item has had significantly less hit/exp, which is probably right. However there are a few items with expertise you haven't reforged (gun, ring1, chest, shield). The weapon should be reforged into Mastery.

4. Hit/exp enchants hsould be replaced with master/(stam/dodge) enchants. I'd also switch your shield enchant to blocking. Unless you can afford Windwalk, weapon enchant is meh anyway and not losing your sheild for as long when disarmed is nice. Throw the +Hit scope on the gun, apparently the ratings still affect TC/HT's chance to hit.

5. You appear to be set up for add tanking (PH build, Sunder Armor glyph) - so you might think about moving your 2 points in gag order into Blood and Thunder, but not a big one.

03-22-2011, 02:20 PM
Pretty good set up. Little better than mine right now. Couple of suggestions though:

Replace your +40 Mastery blue spot with +30 Stam/+20 Mast on your hands and belt. You might think that you don't want to give up the Mast. But this will add the free socket bonus 2x +10 dodge. Then you can change you glove enchant with +50 Mast. You can reforge your Hit on your shield to Expertise to get your Expertise back up to 26 if you want (optional) or throw some more parry or dodget that is good too.

Also I'd consider changing the enchant on the shield to +40 Block

Agree with the prior thread to add the scope.

Replace your +40 Mast on your shoulders with +20 Parry/+20 Mast. This again will give you another socket bonus (+10 Parry).

Reforge the Parry on your chest to Mast

Only other suggestion would be to grab the other 359 Baradin's trinket that add +321 Mast, (either Strength or Agility bonus when cd) Strength will add parry and threat, agility will add some dodge. Having both Mast trinkets will be great for melee bosses and you can keep the health trinket for magic dudes.

Obviously if you can afford the enchant get the +75 stam on your chest. But its spendy

The goal for avoidance is 102% and it will likely take every socket bonus. That is the cap. By my calculation that is probably going to work out like this:

69-72% Block (from Mast)
13-14% Parry
12-14% Dodge
5% Passive ability

When your wearing nothing but 359s or better this will likely be where it ends up.

Other than that it looks like your good to go! Nice work!

03-23-2011, 06:12 AM
Helm: I would replace the 40 Mastery Gem with 20 Mastery/20 Parry and Reforge the Expertise to Mastery
Neck: I would reforge hit to mastery
Shoulders: I would replace the 40 Mastery Gem with 20 Mastery/20 Parry and reforge hit to mastery
Back: Looks good
Chest: Gemming is preference on using a stamina/mastery gem or not, I would, and should reforge Expertise to Mastery
Wrist: Would use 50 dodge enchant

Hands: Gemming is preference on whether to use a stamina/mastery gem or not, I would vote for it
Waist: Gemming is preference on using a stamina/mastery gem or not, I would use it
Legs: Gemming here is weird, and depends on preference, what I would do is gem 2 Mastery Gems, the 30 stamina bonus is not worth it for regulars
Feet: I would get Lavawalker, which is 35 Mastery + Minor Speed Increase, it's awesome and makes a difference

Ring 1: I would reforge the expertise to mastery
Ring 2: I would reforge the expertise to dodge or parry
Trinket 1: Good
Trinket 2: Good

Weapon: I would reforge into mastery, either stat would work
Shield: I would reforge the hit into dodge or parry, and use the Block Rating enchant (40 Block Rating)
Ranged: I would reforge the expertise to dodge or parry

03-23-2011, 10:37 AM
Dont listen to the guy who said get 102.4% avoidance, I am a Night Elf which means 2% more avoidance without DR and you will not reach 102.4% avoidance.

Here is what I suggest : Stack mastery while getting useful bonus to reach 77.4% (with shield block, you get the 102.4% 33% of the time )

once you reach that point, rebalance your gemming and reforging into getting 8 % hit, more stamina and slowly transforming your mastery into pure avoidance with the new gear without dropping below 77.4%

03-23-2011, 12:08 PM
Moved to HALP.

03-23-2011, 04:35 PM
I notice that every suggestion is advising reforging expertise and hit into mastery and stack pure avoidance stats, but the trade off would be threat and the slight dps.
I'm doing roughly 9k-11k dps on single target raid bosses, ie maloriak or chaemaron while i can and often do pump out 75k tps, well above any other tanks ive been partnered with.

03-23-2011, 06:00 PM
Alvin - you don't need tons more threat than the rest of the raid, and your comments indicate you have more than enough (for now). So trading some of that threat for surviability is generally deemed better.

In heroic modes priorities adjust based on raid needs - more initial threat for more DPS from DPS to beat tight enrage timers (essentially thye don't have to hold back as long) or additional damage avoidance over mitigation for some mechanics like H:Halafus and the Mortal Strike stacks (or whatever it's called).

But the higher your total dodge/parry/block is, the less stress you put on healers, allowing them to focus on the raid members who you've affectionaly named "n00b who stands in fire" ;-)

If you have enough threat at the beginning that your DPS can go all out, you're going to have plenty of threat later, so grabbing more stamina, avoidance, or pushing mastery based on the needs of your raid maximizes your contribution, even if it is the best contribution by any single player in the raid.