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03-21-2011, 08:58 AM
Been farming stuff to tank , haven't done raiding in Cataclysm yet since I recently came back to play from a big break since Wrath.

Now I am getting kinda bored with Heroics and can't get much upgrades ( unless I am missing something)

Point is I want to try tanking raids at least the first boss of each one but need help twiking my tankadin. Keep reading about mastery and hit and I was wondering what I should change/regemm/etc. in my current build or if I even should step into raiding at all .

10 man raiding by the way and here is my armory:


Do I really need to stack so much hit rating to start raiding in 10 man I keep reading like 8% but seems so far off at the moment unless I lose a lot of avoidance or health?

03-21-2011, 09:10 AM
As far as I know about Pally's you shouldn't worry so much about hit, I have seen some at sub zero. I know for sure you shouldn't need to gem for it. I think mastery is the way to go. I can't comment on your spec but I'm sure someone will soon.


This is a great gearing up list for pally's, though your gear looks good for pre-raiding level, with only one trinket upgrade needed and should be easy to get. Check out the list under trinkets.

03-21-2011, 09:14 AM
For 10 normal mans, you don't need stamina, you need more mastery. Your block is low, even for your gear. This is just for normals. Things change a little with hard modes.

Yellow/Prismatic = Pure Mastery
Red = (parry/dodge)/Mastery
Blue = mastery/stamina

Having dodge 2x Parry or so is bad unless there's a Pally talent I don't know about that makes Pallies value dodge > Parry. You have over 2000 dodge rating and only 800 parry rating - you're losing surviability due to the greater diminishing returns on dodge. If you moved them so each was at ~1500 rating you would have better survaiblity. Changing your cogwheel from dodge to parry will help swing this a good chunk.

Reforging - If gear doesn't have mastery (+2.25% chance to block per point), reforge haste first, then expertise (until 4.1 when you reforge hit first), then hit, then either dodge or parry, based on which on you have more off.

If gear has Mastery + Something, then reforge into dodge/parry. Or if it's mastery/(dodge/parry) reforge the dodge/parry into the other IF there is an imbalance.


This is only a cursory, top-level look. Pally tanks will have to help you more.

03-21-2011, 09:20 AM
No, you do not need to stack hit. The only time you need Hit is if you're on interupt duty and no DPS has interupts (every melee class has a 10 sec interupt or better, so ideally they should be the ones intrupting).

You want to be gemming mastery, you want to be reforging everything to mastery, while keeping dodge and parry eqaul until your combined Block/Miss/Parry/Dodge chance is 102.4% at which point you want to move mastery into Parry/Dodge(whichever you ave less off), while not dropping below 102.4% combined.

Crit, Hit(unless you're on interupts) Expertise, and Haste are all fairly meh, unless you need threat, which you shouldn't, and can safely be reforged into Matery or parry/dodge.

Get you Tinker on your gloves, thats you're profession bonus, and use it. Likewise getting the cloak tinker can help you out if you screw up on TAC or magmaw.

03-21-2011, 11:04 AM
Ty for the help guys . did some changes to it , still need to test it but I think its better . Still getting used to this mastery stat.