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03-19-2011, 09:26 AM
Just to preface, I haven't stepped into any Cata raids yet. This is all from heroics/JP.

I've been having some issues with threat lately. Mostly it will be just a lost mob here and the occassional peel on a boss there. Also, there are moments where I've been taking significant amounts of damage to the same mobs/bosses that I've had no issues with in previous trips. It's with the same healer too, so I didn't think it had anythign to do with that.

Mainly I'm curious if, with my current set-up, including spec/forges/etc, I would be able to comfortably tank anything from the new raids. I'm starting up a raid group with the intent of being a tank, but I just wanted to get some advice on my set-up before I got started.

Bobweiser's Armory Link

Thanks in advance.

03-19-2011, 10:28 AM
This post will help you quite a bit.


03-19-2011, 10:42 AM
To get unhittable you need a combined miss+parry+dodge+block of 102.4%. You will not be able to reach this with current gear. but Shield Block gives you 25% additional block for 10s every 30s. Since miss is always 5%, you only need to reach 72.4% parry+dodge+block with your gear to get there. To get there is more worth than any stamina survival wise. (Btw you should not need to wory about your stamina before heroic raids, anyway.)

So my advice is to get move as much stamina, hit and expertise to mastery as you can. If you cannot get more mastery, you should go for parry or dodge. You go for mastery in the first place because
a) you get more combat table coverage for each point of mastery than for a point of parry or dodge,
b) constant medicore dmg is cheaper to heal than no dmg followed by big dmg - mastery hels there more than parry and dodge or even stamina,
c) parry and dodge get diminishing returns, mastery does not.

What gear should you be looking for?
1. Items with mastery + dodge/parry
2a) Items with high amounts of mastery and low hit/expertise
2b) Items with dodge + parry
3. Items with low amounts of mastery and hit/expertise
4. Items with dodge/parry + hit/expertise
5. everything else
6. Items with resilience

Try to get items from the highes category possible. If an item is multiple categories lower than another at just one item-lvl lower, the one with the higher category wins.

How should you reforge items? (rule of thumb)
- If an item has no mastery, reforge to mastery.
a) If it has hit/expertise/crit/haste reforge the highest of those to mastery.
Exciption: if dodge/parry is 1.5 times higher than the threat stat, it may be better to reforge this to mastery - as long as you stay over the 72.4%. Before you reach this magic number, always reforge the threat stat.
b) If it has dodge+parry reforge the higher one to mastery.
- If an item has already mastery, reforge it towards the best balance of dodge and parry.
Dodge and parry should be "close together", while parry beeing "slightly" higher than dodge. If you are near 72.4%, that's about 1-3% depending on your mastery (if you are near 72.4% the difference should be lower as when you have high mastery).

What about geming?
Don't mix gems randomly. Use a strategy and stay true to it. At your gear and content level the following pattern is probably best:
blue: stam+mastery
yellow: mastery
red: parry+mastery
prismatic: mastery
everything that is not worth the socket bonus (like hit or expertise): mastery

As for threat, HT+Charge -> SB+SS -> Conc Blow -> SHockwave ->rotation.

Concussive Blow and Shockwave both hit much harder than dev or revenege, so if you're trying to simply muscle up, those would be good to use before you break into your rotation.

03-19-2011, 11:05 AM
That's a lot of hit you got there. More than likely you're seeing damage spikes because of the " lower " amount of defensive stats compared to all that hit. I see 7.7% hit.

Don't reforge stuff into hit, reforge it into either MAST > Dodge/Parry ( try to balance them even ). My hit is around 2.2%.

Threat will come from proper use of things like S/W, T/Clap, cleave, rend, C/Blow and etc ( knowing your classes tools ).

Second, you're stacking STAM as i see lots of +60STAM's. Go with the hybrid Green or Blue that give +20Dodge/+30Stam or +20Parry/+30 Stam. You're also missing your meta socket bonus ( according to the armory )

03-19-2011, 11:07 AM
If you're aiming for raid, you have to redo your gemming and reforging. You can find everything you need in Loganisis' Great Work (http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.php?74760-WarTank-101-The-Primer). In summary, go for mastery. Dont gem pure stamina, use hybrid gems to match the socket for the bonus. Dont reforge into hit/expertise. Use the Austere Shadowspirit Diamond meta instead of Eternal.
Also you have quite a few 333s and your range weapon is 245.

03-19-2011, 12:16 PM
Use the Austere Shadowspirit Diamond meta instead of Eternal.
Only true for low combat table coverage, with some gear tweaking Eternal should come out ahead for him, too.