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03-19-2011, 01:23 AM
Hey guys, need a little advice here..... ok first off, I would like to know whats a better stat for prot pallys , between dodge and parry.... i know mastery is a big part of it all.. but when it comes to reforging or gemming.. i am unsure of stacking more dodge or more parry?

also i have a Hit rating of 571 (4.75%) and my expertise is at 27 with sot glyph.. am i where i should be on that?

Overall im just curious what stat out of dodge and parry would be best to stack for a prot pally..

thanks for the Help guys apprciate it

03-19-2011, 06:27 PM
the NEW common wisdom is ... (unless your guild forces you to interrupt) do NOT gem/reforge for hit/exp.
Go for CTC ( Combat Table Coverage )... ie try to get your dodge/parry + block + 5% base miss as close to 102.4% as possible...
the extra 2.4% come from bosses being 3+ levels above us mere mortals...
everything should be reforge to mastery ... then balance your dodge and parry since they both suffer from diminishing returns ( the one with the highest rating will give you less...)

03-21-2011, 08:47 AM
Mastery ->stam -> avoidance.. This is atleast what i have done and have had 0 issues at all with survivability.. I don't raid much, but when i do still no issue.. I am not bleeding edge raiding by any means.. so who knows what those guys do.

03-21-2011, 10:48 AM
Some advice from a Pally tank who started on 12/16/2010.. First I believe I researched this and Dodge is the favorable stat but it won't really matter because you need to balance them. You do want them balanced with all buffs/elixirs taken into consideration. It is most important to keep them balanced.

You're a tank and you have a primary goal of maintaining threat and taking damage.. Since threat is covered by something called vengeance, at least for now, you need not worry about threat stats.. You can focus 100% on Mastery/Dodge/Parry and any Stamina bonuses are usually kept in your gemming approaches. A perfect piece of armor looks like this STRENGTH/STAMINA "Mastery and Dodge" or "Mastery and Parry".. variations of tanking armor can have Mastery with Expertise or Hit on it for secondary stats but isn't ideal as italicized above

1. Get threat (Righteous Defense, Hand of Protection, Hand of Reckoning)
2. Take all of the damage but mitigate as much as possible.. (Holy Shields UP before you are hit!!!) "Hand of Sacrafice useful here"
3. Dots/DPS and Damage (Slack too hard here and you will have to fight for threat)

Contravene Theory

You generate Holy Power if you hit something with Crusader's Strike or Hammer of the Righteous if it is not a miss and as long as it isn't Parried or Dodged. Again Holy Shield is priority 1 and if it is down you fire SoTR even at 1 Holy Power to get it up (then refresh at 3).. As long as your HOLY SHIELD is up you build to 3 Holy Power and then use SoTR (or WoG glyph'd) for Damage and to keep that Shield up. It is important to get to 3 Holy Power before refreshing the Shields UP because each time you refresh it drops for a second and thus you want this to happen as few times as possible.. You would never want to make your first attack AS for example if you were going to be facing the monster before you could get shields up.. Best to open with SoTR in most cases..

There's a lot of talk on here about having to maintain high DPS to keep threat and I do maintain high DPS but not as die hard as most. Time is more important and building a system that allows you to cast taunts such as hand of reckoning and righteous defense very quickly is a much more solid way to tank. I went for the high DPS starts and I like just casting RD or Reckoning before it is needed instead and to mitigate damage with everything available to me.

P.S. At 3.5+% chance to miss and only 11 Expertise Glyph'd I generate Holy Power nearly all of the time.. Even on Halfus I still generated HoPo nearly all of the time and therefore even survivalist strategy guys still should mitigate. <-- My opinion 100%