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03-18-2011, 10:17 AM
The title pretty much says it all...Im JUST getting this alt into heroics after farming regs for awhile, got all 333+ gear(mainly 333) and after reading threads here changed all my hit/expert over to mastery>parry>dodge, etc...I was doin fine in regs, and finally this week made the jump to heroics and i cant for my life have 1 clean, simple pull anymore...Ive had a prot pally and have no probs so i understand the runs, just wondering if this is normal or not?(being way less geared than the dps)I dont remember having this many aggro issues on the paladin... Large trash mobs, even the single target boss im having to work extra hard for aggro...Theres been several times i have to taunt off a dps on the boss, and near every trash pull...I think it got easier when i had them give me a 2-3sec lead, but still wasnt fixed completely..

Im not the best at posting armory links so the name is:
Ganen - Uldaman - US - Alliance (In case my link comes out wrong)


( i had logged out in Arms spec/gear but switched after the post was made, not sure if i have to repost the new link after swapping? If not i just made the chane at 1:10pm EST I thnk it takes 20-30mins to upodate)
Any help would be appreciated..If its just because im still gearing up and this is normal, ill be more than happy :)

03-18-2011, 10:25 AM
First, When you geared your pally, were other players gearing theres? You're probably running heroics with players with far higher gear level now. That's going to be part of it. Your in 333s so even your vengence won't be stacking as high as it will in a little bit. That doesn't help either.

If you're just running heroics for now, take a point out of Vig and put it in cruelty. How often do you use charge/heroic leap? If you're #1 issue is threat, not mobility, drop warbringer until you gear up and place it in cruelty for 2/2.

What's your rotation?

SS with Heavy Repercussions > Con Blow > Shockwave > SS generally speaking. So if those are up, make sure you're hitting them.

Are you using HS enough?

03-18-2011, 10:43 AM
I had gag order until this morning and droped it for Incite (ive always had a pally tank and DK tank, so i got used to having NP with ranged mobs...The warr is a recent addition, got him very late wotlk)...Generally i do use charge alot, dam near every pull..I was starting to have low rage moments in some situations so i tend to charge whenever possible, even during a pull if the space is there..Use SS every SnB proc to help...And no i dont use heroic leap...Ive yet to find any real use for it, other than to save a few steps of travel XD

Basically i charge,heroic throw something and TC as i get to the target..take a step back to make sure everythign is hit with the following SW.. cleave/hs(depending if single target or several mobs ofcourse) SS>Rev>Dev, rend>TC, Demo shout now if i hadnt already..I find that i use devastate ALOT...Almost as a filler whenever SS>Rev>TC>SW r on cd...(and no i wasnt using Conc. Blow as an opener after charge, i know its a high threat attack, ill start adding that in with my pull)

03-18-2011, 01:44 PM
Single target is roughly HT -> Charge + SB -> SS -> Conc Blow -> Shockwave -> (Rotation) for an opener
Mutli target is roughly HT -> Charge -> Rend -> TC -> Shockwave.

If you're having rage issues, slow down on HS/Cleave. Also try to increase your mastery, as block is one of your main ways of gaining rage.

Weapons also play a big part in your TPS, so running a 333 while DPS has 359s will be challenging. I think a lot of the issue is the disparity of the gear. If you're pushing for threat, make sure to keep CB + Shockwave on CD. And use SB on CD for bigger SSs.

For heroics you should be able to drop vig and put 1 point into cruelty for some extra threat with no issue. Vig is more of a raid-tool. Warbringer is useful, I use it a lot mid-fight on adds, but that's usually for raids as well, you can drop warbringer, (for now) to get cruelty to 2/2 to help with threat. I'd encourage you to go back into Warbringer before you start raiding though. Once threat has equalized.

03-18-2011, 10:51 PM
Sounds like Loganisis has summed up a great deal regarding rotation and build, so i'll stay away from that. The first thing i saw, looking at your armory page with an eye towards creating more threat was the glaring single digit of your expertise. And a low single digit at that. Drop some of that mastery, and heck, if your healers aren't having any problems keeping you up, consider dropping some dodge and (gasp!) parry, and get some exp back. Somewhere in the low to mid teens should help you find a happy place where the healers can keep you up, but the dps isn't complaining about fighting one-handed to hang back with you. Remember that our job is to keep the mobs entertained so the dps can do their job, all the while not making the heals work too hard. The faster the dps can down the mob, the less sweaty you make the healers, everyone's happy. It's about happy balances.

If i'm wrong, please /ignore me and banish me back to my lane.

03-18-2011, 11:02 PM
Normally I would disagree with adding expertise. Hit and Expertise are the LEAST effective way to build threat. But if the issue is threat and the healers outgear the encounter, it would be a viable option until better gear could be aquired. Rotation, talents, and glyphs, in that order, will be far more effective than 8% hit and 56 expertise (where no attacks miss/are dodged/are parried).

It's not optimal. But as a bandaid, in this case it would be an option.

Reforge parry/dodge before mastery.

03-19-2011, 01:38 AM
Actually you only need 6% hit and 24 expertise to ensure your attacks won't miss, be parried and dodged by heroic 5man bosses.
Gear wise I suggest that dont reforge any hit/expertise into survival stats, and don't gem/reforge for threat stats either.

Do you mark skull for dps to focus fire? It would make things a lot easier.

03-21-2011, 10:59 AM
Yea, as i thought, i just added a few points in exp, and around 2% hit(hit from gear alone)...With food/elixer i end up with about 16 expert and that was enough to fix the problem...I since crafted a 346 weapon(not the best, but i liked its look..Even worse since its an axe, losing that 3 expert from human racial), I can now sleep without dps catching up to me in threat...Id like to thank everyone who replied and put in the effort to help me out! I was beginning to get frusterated and started to think maybe i had no business on a Warrior XD...But alas, im cured (for the moment)...Thanx again!

PS- Yes, i always mark/cc a kill order...I've always been told im a easy tank to heal, no matter which class ive been on in the last 4-5yrs, and always found that to be enough reward in itself...This threat issue, and addin unneccesary strain on the healers sucked!