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03-13-2011, 01:22 AM
Ok, so I will try and keep it brief.
I am an iLvL 349 prot warrior, starting to raid BoT/ToW. Personally I feel that I am appropriately geared in terms of avoidance, but my dps is a bit lacking. On single target fights I am struggling to break 5k dps, and this can sometimes mean that I lose threat to our higher dps (following the prioritisation of: devestate to 3 stacks, then: revenge, shield slam, heroic throw/concussion, heroic strike/cleave [if enough threat], then TC and Shockwave). So what I ask is... would it be suitable for me to reforge/regem so that I have a bit more hit/expertise... should I look to replace some pieces... or am I just doing something plain wrong?


Thanks in advance

03-13-2011, 04:43 AM
You should only lose threat to your higher dps early. Later on Vengeance should be enough to push you way over everybody else. (With the exception of extremely low hitting bosses like the robot in deadmines or stuff like that.)

But your priorities are somewhat off.
a) Devastate are not as important to start with, if you want to get a good threat lead. Devastate simply does not do high initial dmg.
b) Shield Slam should have a much higher priority than revenge or the other stuff, Devastate should be use often to get high chances of Sword and Bord proccs.

Your opening for single target bosses should look something like this:
Shout -> Heroic Throw, Charge + SB (+ Inner Rage) ->
SS -> Revenge (if procced) -> Shockwave -> Rend ->
SS -> Revenge (if procced) -> Devastate -> TC ->
start of normal ration: SS -> [Revenge > Devastate] -> [Revenge > Devastae] -> [anything that needs to be done > Revenge > Devastate]
everytime when Sword and Bord proccs start over with SS.

- Add HS whenever you can to this. Use SB on CD (makro Inner Rage to it). Add Heroic Throw and Concussion Blow when possible.
- Refresh Rend with TC before it drops of (as long as you are speced into Blood and Thunder).
- Use Shockwave as often you can with 3 Thunderstruck stacks if speced into Thunderstruk, else use it more or less on CD at the 4th part of the above rotation.

If you want to do an even better start, use rage or strength pot before the start and maybe pop Recklessness. But I'm fine without either of those.

Instead of changing gear for more hit/expertise optimizing your talents for more threat would give you much more. Just because they scale better with Vengenace than just some more connected hit.
- Blood Craze is just not worth to spec at the moment. It has so low priority, that every talent that helps to kill the enemy faster hepls the healers more than this low rdm hot.
- Heavy Repercussions is not much better. Especially when you are running 5mans most of the time. The window for the proc is quite low (only below 20%) and you probably don't need the heal, anyway (you are saying that you feel you don't need more "avoidance").
- Do you really use Safeguard? I'm not only speaking about Intervene, but the buff that comes from it? In raids there are only very few occussions where it may be useable at all and in 5mans you are the only tank - a taunt should help much more...
- Do you actually need Gag Order? I use it often in 5mans myself, but you should be fine without the silence, remember, you get the interrupt, anyway. Also it does not work on bosses. And it will be changed to even less utility in patch 4.1.
- Blood and Thunder probably would help you more than Thunderstruck at the level of content you are doing. Thunderstruck needs 3TCs to kick in best and you need to refresh Rend by your own if you skip Blood and Thunder. Btw: Thunderstruck is not worth it for single target threat, if you don't use the early TCs for Blood and Thunder.
- Try to get into Deep Wounds. It's the best threat talent we can reach.

So if you struggle with threat I would recomment something like this:
- take all the points you can go without that I mentioned and use them on the following talents:
- War Academy
- Deep Wounds
- Cruelty
- Blood & Thunder

I don't see any Glyphs at the moment, I think the armory is buggy. If you actually don't have any, fix that.

a) Enchant your items.
b) Use at least green Cata gems, not the old (smaller) Wrath gems.
c) Reforge all items that don't come with optimal stats (mastery+parry/dodge)
d) Reforge to mastery over avoidance, mastery is much more important for you as a warrior tank
e) Do a more consisten geming.

Even the switch from avoidance to mastery may help you to get a little bit more overall dmg so you will get higher Vengeance and because of thet more DPS and threat - while being easier to heal at the same time. It's a win-win in your situation.

So, try to get items with better stats (try to avoid stuff with hit and expertise).

Reforge like this:
a) If the item has no mastery reforge to it:
- if the item has hit/expertise/crit/haste than reforge the highest of those towards mastery
[only exception: If dodge/parry on the item is 1.5 times higher than the threat stat, than it may be better to reforge this to mastery]
- if the item has dodge + parry reforge the higher one to mastery
b) If the item has mastery reforge to better balanced dodge and parry:
Look at the ratings, when buffed (Battle Shout + Kings) and try to get them "close together" while parry beeing "a little bit higher". How much higher it should be depends on your mastery. If you have high mastery, parry gets better because of Hold the Line. So with high mastery values parry ratings (not percentage) can be 1.5 times higher than dodge, before the diminishing returns start to hurt you. That's somewhere around 1-3%

Gem like this:
prismatic: mastery
yellow: mastery
if the socket bonus is not worth it: mastery
blue: stam+mastery
red: parry+mastery

- Never gem for dodge, mastery is always better.
- Use blue Cata quality gems on epic items and items you will not upgrade soon. Use at least green quality gems on items you want to replace soon.

- Go for the head enchant. Work on the reputation if you don't have it, get at least the smaler version.
- Use mastery enchant on gloves.
- Use dodge enchant on wrists, don't go for the expertise on, it will not really help you much.