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The issues are WAY overblown at the moment for the majority of guilds, and even the OP's source has been hotfixed.

Magmaw is a wash... ranged have to move occasionally. melee really free DPS the entire time. Most guilds kite the adds.

Omnitron has 2 mechanics that are melee unfriendly - slime adds that fixate on melee, and the lightning charge. These are very minor parts of the fight and easily avoided.

Atramedes sound barriers are very easy to avoid at maximum range, and you don't need to peel off the boss to do it thanks for the obscene hitbox. Not being able to attack in P2 is a pain though.

Chimearon is stand still and fight. Clumping and spread for the debuff can favor ranged slightly.

Maloriak is, again, a wash, with the only minor exception being debuffs in the blue phase. Again, so minor it doesn't matter.

Nefarian is virtually stand still in fight. I don't know why you cited fire location, as the fire is player controlled and movement in that instance favors melee over ranged.


Halfus mechanics affect both ranged and melee equally. Fireball dodging with all drakes active in hard mode is difficult if you don't have your camera and video settings properly set... but again, that is a fault of the player not a baseline fault of melee as a whole. Instants favor melee over ranged overall for ease of play.

Valiona and Theralion GREATLY favor melee. Melee can completely ignore the meteor mechanic, the blackout mechanic, and are generally not affected by Thera's debuff with reflective group damage. Melee can damage the boss while moving and running from portals and from breaths.

Elementium Council is a mixed bag. Glaciate is obviously anti-melee, as is the knockback from the fire wall. Damage spread from running to grounds and tornadoes, and Arion's port, and eruption, are again very melee unfriendly.
These mechanics are annoying, but do not affect the overall outcome of the fight or an "enrage" when handled properly.
Elementium Monstrosity himself has the silver pools which when slowly kited doesn't affect melee at all, lava seeds which don't affect melee, encapsulate (or whatever it's called now) that affects everyone equally, and a chain lightning which was hotfixed to prioritize ranged targets. The "difficult" phase of this fight has had melee/ranged preference removed.

Cho'Gall is relatively equal. Melee and ranged have split assignments with adds, and assigning melee to close tentacles and ranged to far tentacles is relatively simple.

It isn't nearly the issue that people make it out to be.

I have a Warrior, DK, Hunter, Ele Shammy and a Mage.
Warriors - (unless tanking) are totaly crippeled when any slows or long runs are in fights,
DK - can handle movement ok because of AMS, D Coil that is RP based and if frost HB but still lack mobility (unholy excluded if talents in D Advance and pet helps),
Shammy - no story free movement, instants, only take care of totems and dot,
Hunter -if you are min maxing or are good at multitasking fox hawk swaps are no problem, MM only lacks the mobility when castim aimed when not proced (i dont know why would you do it but i see some people), BM is in full power (more than 50%dps from pet that is immunt to most insta kills and aoe), survival is kiting + dps at same time king.
Mage - well i dont play arcane so i dont know for them but frost and fire are totaly ok just blink if in a bad situation + load of instants, frost pet, fire moving scorch.
Every encounter in BWD, if the ranged are lazy and dont pick up the adds, will kill melee in a few seconds (the Magmaw is a wash... is the prime example, true we can do constant dps but is a small bit goes wrong=dead=no damage for quite some time while ranged is one spell cast free of everything (dont know for locks but shure glyphed fear will handle that)