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03-10-2011, 07:46 AM
My 10man group has killed Chimaeron the past three weeks, but we're changing personnel and I'm not sure how to orchestrate the healing cooldowns to survive each collapse transition.

previously - three druids (boomkin/resto/feral) rotated Tranq + holy pal and resto shaman

new setup - two druids (boomkin/feral) + holy priest (slightly undergeared), holy pal, resto shaman

I'm sure we can survive two transitions where the druids drop tranq ... I'm worried about the third ... or should a holy priest / holy pal / resto shaman be able to get through it without any 8min cooldown? Do most guilds run three healers for chimaeron, or two and try to get to 20% before a third collapse?

- Vulak -

03-10-2011, 08:50 AM
What's wrong with the priest blowing Divine Hymn for the 3rd collapse? In this particular encounter, it's arguably far better than Tranquility anyway for a Feud (collapse), since the added +10% healing buff will get spread around and benefit the other healers who are spamming the group.

If for some reason you don't want to pop it.. yes, a holy priest + holy pala + resto shammie can definitely survive a Feud, although it will involve LOTS of spam healing. :)

My guild's tactics shamelessly copy-pastaed:

Chimaeron Tactics
Note: This is a fight designed to challenge healers, thus EXPECT to run out of mana, EXPECT to use the uncomfortably-expensive fast heals in your toolbox, and EXPECT the healing on this encounter to feel very different from what you're used to/expect in Cata.
Note: If any healer dies before Phase 2, it's almost always a wipe due to them running out of mana.
10 man: 3 healers + hybrids. 2 healers (any class) focus on healing the two tanks. 1 healer (anything except a druid) uses FAST INEFFICIENT HEALS to top up the raid above 10k during Phase 1; use group heals after Massacre to heal groups up ASAP. Tank damage is heavy, spare HoTs/inspiration/etc on tanks from raidhealer helps. During Feud, everyone stacks up- all healers + hybrids spam group healing ASAP; aim to have at least 1 major cooldown used per Feud (Tranquility, PW:Barrier etc). Phase 2: Priests lifegrip and shield person with aggro (Body & Soul ideal), all healers STOP HEALING AND DPS.

03-10-2011, 10:43 AM
Divine hymn didn't seem to pack the punch needed since it only heals the 3 lowest every 2 sec ... it felt like a healing loss (channeling ftl).

I guess it might be the gearcheck of the fight for our priest atm.