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03-07-2011, 12:31 PM
i need someone to give me some advice on my gear and spec. please any help would be grateful



03-08-2011, 06:28 AM
It would be easier if you link your armory. woWhead does not display every stat right (as they also say in their disclaimer).
Here is the armory link, I hope it's the right one: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/cairne/wolfsfire/talent/primary

You are doing mostly everything backwards from what you should do:

- get lost of all the expertise
- remove as much hit as you can
- focus on mastery
- try to get parry a little bit higher than dodge

Try to get gear in the following order:
1. mastery + parry/dodge
2. high mastery + hit/expertise
3. dodge + parry
4. low mastery + hit/expertise
5. dodge/parry + hit/expertise
6. everything else
7. resilience

Reforge like this:
- If an item has no mastery but hit/expertise/crit/haste reforge the highest of them to mastery.
- If an item has dodge + parry reforge the higher one to mastery
- If the item has mastery use the remaining stat to balance parry and dodge.
Parry should be about 1-3% higher than dodge. Buffed (battle shout + kings).

Gem like this:
blue: stam+mastery
yellow: mastery
red: parry+mastery
If a bonus is not worth it, go pure mastery.

More specific:
head: expertise -> mastery, gem: mastery+parry, enchant dodge+stam if you don't need the item for your off-spec.
neck: expertise -> mastery, gem: mastery (hit is not worth it)
shoulder: hit -> mastery (instead of dode->expertise), gem: parry+mastery
back: expertise -> mastery
chest: expertise -> mastery, gem: stam+mastery, enchant: all stats
wrist: hit -> mastery, enchant it (not sure if it was dodge or mastery)
hand: gem: satm + mastery, maybe reforge some dodge to parry
waist: parry -> mastery, gem: 2x mastery
legs: hit -> mastery, gem: mastery and mastery +stam
feet: gem: full mastery, there is also a mastery+runspeed enchant if I remember right
1. ring: gem: full mastery, maybe reforge some dodge to parry later on
2. ring: maybe reforge some dodge to parry later on
1. trinket: nothing to do here, get a better one
2. trinket: nothing to do here, get a better one
mainhand: expertise -> parry if you don't use it in your off-spec
shield: ok
ranged: haste -> parry if you don't need it for your off-spec, if you use it for your off-spec: haste->hit

Why should you focus as hard on mastery?
Because it's our best stat. It helps our healers the most. And we don't need hit or expertise to hold threat. Vengeance does that for us. Taunts do not miss anymore. (I can write some more on that if you are interested but don't have more time at the moment.)

Those are fine for a single target threat spec.

- Consider to take TC glyph instead of Heroic Throw.
- You probably need neither battle nor commanding shout glyph..
- Take Intimidating shout, Demo shout and maybe Berserker.