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03-07-2011, 07:44 AM

I've been having some threat issues...not as badly as I have been having previously, but they are still there. The main perpetrators are Retribution Paladins and Enhancement Shaman. I think my rotation is pretty solid, charge -> heroic throw -> shield block -> shield slam. From then I devastate -> rend -> heroic strike -> devastate. The Ret Pally will pull off me even if he gives me a 5 second head start...I don't usually have any Hunters or Rogues in my group to get MDs from, so that could be an issue. Mind you, I have upgraded a bit of my gear recently and have changed my spec slightly and the threat issues are dwindling down, but they still rear their head sometimes.

Also, I would like some advice on where to spend my valor points...Would the upgrade to gloves be more appropriate at my gear level than the upgrade to chest or legs? I fully expect to go at least 11/12 this week with the only non-kill possibly coming from Al'Akir.

I'm at work so I can't visit my armory. If the link that I typed in manually is broken my character's name is Mc▀rain and he is on Dunemaul, US.

03-07-2011, 08:52 AM
Is he popping his CDs too early? The simple fact is as a basically 346 Fury warrior, I have to give the tank at least 300k threat, and usually 400k before I even think of blowing my CDs or I rip right off of him.

Your DPS needs to run Omen3 and take responsaiblity for their own threat.


If initial threat is a problem, don't use Rend. It is a bigger TPS gain than devestate, but it isn't as big up front.


Deep wounds is your best threat. If threat is an issue, take 2 points out of gag order and 2 points out of thunderstruck and get deep wounds to 3/3.

Using Wartotem's spreadsheet - It looks like your optimal threat priority (assuming taking 2 points out of Thunderstruck and Gag Order and putting them in DW) is (if I've set it up correctly):

SS with Heavy Repercussions
Concussion Blow (low DPS, high threat)
SS (normal)
Heroic Throw
Heroic Strike

Even though Heroic throw is high up on the list, the threat from it is low since even with the 2 talent points, it's only once every 30 seconds rather than a full deep wounds which will be every crit.

HT -> charge -> So it looks like (SB + SS) -> Conc Blow -> Shockwave -> Rend -> SS -> rend ->rotation would be the optimal starter

03-19-2011, 08:59 PM
Also, i recommend you macro your inner rage to your shield slam with shield block to help with threat gain and lower your reaction time in certain situations. I use this macro everyday and ive had no issues. Also helps with aoe threat when using cleave :).