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03-06-2011, 01:06 PM
Hey this is levle 78 Mage. I was wondering what I should be focused on as I progress and get ready for levle 80-85. Should I be trying to rank all of my proffesions as fast as possible while always being in the dungeon finder que. Or should I be questing while waiting to get into Dungeons. I am not sure whats more important,or if the proff levleing can wait till i get my rank up. Thanks for the responses they are very helpful.Take the poll and letme know what you think.


Proff ranking=Dungeons.....

03-06-2011, 03:28 PM
Yes to all the above.

Try to do each dungeon at least once, so you are familiar with it in regular content prior to getting into heroics.
Get your professions up for the bonuses.
Do the quests for gear and for the rep.

03-07-2011, 10:03 AM
Dungeons are actually relatively low in priority, since the rewards from them, particularly the earlier ones will be replaced as you level anyway. You may run maybe one random dungeon a day simply to get your daily justice points and generally run a dungeon on normal once simply for the quests, beyond that however don't spend excessive time in normal dungeons.

Questing is the biggest priority actually while leveling because of the importance of reputations early on. Since this will yeild the fastest reputation gain it is best to get reputations built up relatively high while you are leveling so you do not need to wear a talbard for the faction as long when you reach the level cap. Also, since you can't even buy the talbard until you are at least Friendly you do need to spend a little time working on each simply to allow you to later farm the rep. Also, once you get into the higher level zones of Uldum and in particular Twilight Highlands, the quest rewards are often equivalent to or better than normal dungeon drops. So you will also aquire gear faster while questing during the leveling process.

Naturally while you are leveling you don't want to neglect your professions, but it isn't a very high priority until you are at the level cap. Once there you will want to have your professions at the 500 skill level preferably so that you are at least gaining the profession bonus (such as ring enchants for Enchanters, shoulder enchant for Inscription, and so on).

At the level cap your first objective is largely to prepare yourself for heroic dungeons because you will start to run those for both drops and grinding reputations while wearing a talbard. However, in order to get to that point you should already have your professiong perks, some items purchased from reputations (honored has 333 items usable at level 83, revered has 346 items usable at 85), and enchants and gems should start going into your gear. Finishing off questing in high level zones like Twilight Highlands can also provide a few additional filler upgrades.

03-08-2011, 03:54 PM
WOW!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and respond. Well I really havent worked on my professions to much but I have dabled around with the Tailoring and got it to about 150 I think. The rest are real low levle besides my Fishing. So to get it right I really dont need to worry about that until I hit level cap. I do as many dungeons as I can especially right now becaus eI am able to do the Lich King Heroic Dungeons becaus eI just hit my level 80. And what about the Battlegrounds? Is that something I should be working on as well or is that another thing that can wait until I hit my level cap? It's really fun running those two! Well thanks again for your response and hope to read more from ya!

03-08-2011, 04:40 PM
As far as PvP is concerned that is a personal choice. You don't aquire gear directly from it, but do aquire the currency to buy gear when you reach the level cap. However, while PvP gear is not optimized for PvE, in some cases if the item is significantly stronger than what you have as an alternative it can be used in the meantime (for example, I used PvP bracers until I got a 346 bracer to finally drop in a heroic).

If you want to PvP more then you should focus more on PvP. PvP gear is better for PvP in general. PvE gear is better for PvE in general. So if you want to raid heavily, most of the gear you use for raiding would come from PvE content. If you want to do rated battlegrounds and arenas, then most of the gear you would use would come from PvP.

You can choose to do both, no reason why not. However concentrating on one will not necessarily improve you towards your goals which may be in the other. So if your goal is PvE content like raiding, PvP won't help you as much towards your goal as PvE content, not to say you can't still PvP for fun.

03-09-2011, 02:06 AM
I have to say professions are always worth concentrating on levelling as you go...whilst this may be easier as you hit the cap you will get bored quickly as you farm mobs for the required cloth to level tailoring/get bugged by kobolds/gnolls/spiders as you farm minerals or get really fed up running instances to level enchanting through drops.

The bonuses gained from profs are never relly overlooked - 2 extra gem sockets for any gem?? Thanks very much..2 bits of dragonscale to drop a version of 1,000g leg patch?? Come 'ere draggy..Cheap embroidery on legs and cloak?? pass me needle..etc.

You could always find that tailoring (usually paired with enchanting) could be a welcome boost for you in gear stakes.

Just a thought..