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Kynalla has been one of Durotan’s greatest gold gurus for years, and his guides have helped numerous people achieve financial success. In his next project, The Road to Riches, he is about to embark on an epic cross-continental journey to make gold as he levels a fresh character from 1-85. Not only is this going to be very informative, but also entertaining. The premise is fresh and innovative, and it is sure to include many memorable moments.

How much gold can you make at low level?
Which professions will he pursue to maximize revenue?
Which roads lead to the most profit?
Will he even make it to level 85?

All these questions and more will be answered through Kynalla’s Road to Riches series. The goal of the project is to show newer or lower level characters that you CAN be rich while leveling! Gold isn’t hard to make, and he is going to show you how.

The first obstacle: What kind of character should he make? Kynalla wants you (the viewers) to decide for him. Class, Race, Faction, etc. All you have to do is head over to Kynalla’s Gold Guides website (http://www.no-donkeys.com/kynalla) and vote for your choice.

I’m voting Goblin for many reasons - What drives a goblin is profit. They crave acquisition, currency and gold. They do not paint or sculpt masterpieces. They do not innovate useful magics or create fascinating works of architecture. Instead, they spend the majority of their time acquiring riches. All of that gold that they dredge up goes into ingenious machines that can dig up more gold. Gold for gold’s sake.

A goblin would be very fitting for Kynalla’s project. Please let’s not let him make the wrong decision. Vote Goblin to set him straight. Goblin Hunter, Goblin Warlock, Goblin Warrior – It doesn’t matter. Just vote goblin!

Vote Goblin!