View Full Version : Warrior Fury Single Minded Fury! Viable?

03-04-2011, 03:34 AM
Hey! I've been playing Fury with TG for a long time now, although it's my offspec (Tanking is mainspecc) I've really come to enjoy fury! And i'm needed to DPS for like 50% of Raid Time anyway!

I've just recieved my second onehand epic sword and was wondering if it could be viable for me to change from TG to SMF?

I've tried it some, and the dps is stable but alittle lower on a 85 dummy (Havent tried on Boss dummy)

The first thing i noticed was my Expertise dropping significantly, but is the cap still on 26 with 1handers?

Is there any changes to the rotation from TG? The one i used is pretty mutch:
Heroic Throw>CS>BT>RB>BT
Then RB>BT in priority and Slam on Procs, HS when over 60% Rage or when Battle Trance Procs

Armory Link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/ragnaros/mizy/simple

It currently shows my 2handers, but for SMF im thinking about using Lava Spine and Soul Blade! Yeah 1handed maces isnt easy to find i guess..


03-04-2011, 06:06 AM
Always use higher item-lvl weapons. So since you have 2x359 1h and 2x346 2h - you should change to SMF. Besides that SMF is easily competing with TG with regard to dps.

Stats: exp 26 > hit(to 8%) > Crit > hit(to 27%) > mastery > haste

BT - BT -BT - BT

- Keep CS on CD
- prioritize Slam ABOVE RB
- heroic strike only on BattleTrance, Incite or "lots" of rage(80ish)

sub 20 %
- execute x 5
- keep CS on CD
- dont spam execute, but continue "normal rotation", but leave out RB and make sure executioner buff dont fall off.

The key to good dps as SMF(and TG) is managing your procs/buffs well - slam, battletrance, incite (and executioner) - and most importantly having the discipline to pool your rage for CS-bursts of dps.